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The site used to be one of the best places to find news about what was happening in the world of mobile music. At the moment it isn’t getting update, but there is still a lot of content that is relevant and useful. Also you’ll find links and feeds from other helpful sites, blogs, and more on this page.

Mobile Music news from Discchord

Discchord is an excellent site for daily news around all things mobile music. Below you can find the latest posts from the site, but it is really worth visiting Discchord to take a look at everything else there too.

Preview: TalkWorks AUv3 Plugin by 4Pockets
Developer Paul the MusicMan shows …
Fleksi – Drambo on Bop Pad Demo
YouTuber Fleksi hooked up his …
Gavinski’s Tutorials: Aparillo Synth Deep Dive
Gavinski’s Tutorials did an extensive …
Studio Live Today: Final Touch | Pro Level MASTERING on iPad
Pete Johns continues his video …
Les Productions Zvon: Free Presets for Kauldron
Les Productions Zvon has released …
Instantly Distant: Dub Techno
Instantly Distant did a nicely …
DJ Sybian – Jacket Off
DJ Sybian is taking off …
KB-1 Keyboard Suite Update
KB-1 Keyboard Suite, from Kai …

Here are a few of my favourite twitter streams

Here are some of my favourite images from PalmSounds long history

Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast

This is a great podcast for anyone who is interested in sound and music. Here are the latest episodes.

Mobile Music on Spotify

This is a playlist of artists who make music using mobile devices.

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