Zoom PFX-9003 – Palmtop Effects Processor

I do like dedicated hardware when it is right, and although I’ve never used one of these it always looked really interesting. I haven’t seen one come up on eBay for ages, so maybe they’ve all vanished off the face of the planet. At some point I’d like to get my hands on one though.

Here’s the basics:

  • Complete effects unit that fits in your pocket
  • Use up to 10 effects simultaneously
  • Built-in drum machine
  • 30 second sampler
  • Center Cancel function simulates karaoke
  • High-quality built-in mic with preamp
  • Chromatic Tuner built-in
  • Runs on 4 AAA bateries

Recording Gear News: Zoom PS04 Digital Palm Top Recorder

Recording Gear News: Zoom PS04 Digital Palm Top Recorder

A good brief summary of the Zoom PS04. I’m still thinking about that new Boss Micro-BR, but my friend Paul tells me that the Zoom is better and has more features.