midiFILTr-VF for Volca FM and midiFILTr-VS for Volca Sample are here

From Art Kerns, maker of midiLFOs and midiSTEPs comes two apps for the Volca FM and the Volca Sample.

midiFILTr-VF is an AudioBus 3 MIDI filter effect and CoreMIDI capable app that improves the MIDI capabilities of a hardware Volca FM synthesizer. The Volca FM is notorious for having a unique MIDI spec that does not listen to the velocity of incoming MIDI notes. midiFILTr-VF allows you to play notes with velocity as you would expect to by adding a MIDI CC message along with each note that controls the note’s velocity.

This app requires:

  • A hardware Volca FM synthesizer
  • A hardware MIDI interface connected to the Volca FM
  • The AudioBus 3 app is recommended for ease of use, though the app can also be configured with regular CoreMIDI.

midiFILTr-VS is an AudioBus 3 MIDI effect and CoreMIDI capable app that improves the MIDI capabilities of a hardware Volca Sampler. The Volca Sampler is notorious for having a unique MIDI spec that requires you to trigger individual parts on different MIDI channels. midiFILTr-VS allows you to trigger parts as you would normally expect to trigger a sampler.

midiFILTr-VS has three modes:

  • OCTAVE mode – C notes on any octave always trigger Volca part 1, C# triggers part 2, D triggers part 3, etc.
  • DRUM mode – The general MIDI drum spec is used to trigger the individual parts. Bass Drum triggers part 1, Snare part 2, Closed Hat part 9, etc.
  • PITCH mode – The Volca works normally triggering its 10 parts on 10 different MIDI channels. But instead of the Volca default of always playing that sample at the same pitch, the incoming note value will effect that sample’s pitch.

This app requires:

  • A hardware Volca Sampler
  • A hardware MIDI interface connected to the Sampler

The AudioBus 3 app is recommended for ease of use, though the app can also be configured with regular CoreMIDI.

midiFILTr-VF costs $0.99 on the app store:

midiFILTr-VS costs $1.99 on the app store:

Video: MiniGranny Jam (w/ bitRanger, Minisizer, MicroGranny 2, Volca Beats)

Video description:

“This is a stereo drone jam with the Bastl bitRanger, Anyware Instruments Minisizer, MicroGranny 2.4 and Volca Beats 🙂

Questions or comments? Go ahead and post them below! 🙂 Thanks for watching! Check out my channel for more Synthesizer Music.

Audio gear used:
– Bastl Instruments bitRanger (logic computer synth, syncing the Volca Beats)
– Bastl Instruments MicroGRanny 2.4 (granular sampler with drone samples)
– Anyware Instruments Minisizer (analog modular synth child of the legendary Tinysizer)
– Korg Volca Beats (drum machine)
– Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer (sequencing the Minisizer)”

Video published by Tuesday Night Machines.

Video: Volca FM DEMO + Novation Circuit + OP-1

Video description:

“Get 24 FREE Volca FM percution loops: http://www.albaecstasy.ro/volca-fm/
After 4 months of waiting since I pre-ordered it, my Volca FM arrived today! Didn’t expect this. And didn’t expect at all to sounds so good, so powerfull, so clear! Definetely it’s an amazing little box! And with the new update, which makes the Motion Sequence to be actually Smooth and to solve some bugs (that already jumped into my ears), Volca FM deserves its place on FM synthesis history.
Cons? Sure: polyphony, knobs too small and too close one of each other – when changing the program I always touch the Algoritm knob, no external control on velocity.
You can check my first attempt of using the Volca FM on my Soundcloud synths: https://soundcloud.com/albaecstasy

Video published by Alba Ecstasy.

Video: Teenage Engineering PO-12 & Korg Volca Sync Tutorial

Video description:

“In this tutorial I’ll show you how to slave a Teenage Engineering PO-12 with any of the Kolg Volca series. The Teenage Engineering PO-12 & Korg Volca series make a great combo for any electronic musician who is into hardware but on a tight budget. Syncing the Teenage Engineering PO-12 and Korg Volca series is very easy and takes only a few steps. This short tutorial will tell you everything you need to know. Many more tutorials are on the way so please subscribe.”

Video published by Todd Smith.

Video: Mobile Battery Powered Synth Studio Pt.2 – Circuit, Volca Keys, Pocket Operators

Video description:

“Korg Volca Keys, Monotron, Teenage Engineering PO-12, PO-16, Novation Circuit – battery powered, mobile studio, in a case

“Struttin” by Robots Against Children”

Video published by Matt Greer.

Video: Volca FM meets PO-12

Video description:

“Fun little jam with the Korg Volca FM and the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 12. A seriously lethal duo”

Video published by r beny.

Video: KORG Volca FM full parameter editing?! – haQ VLog 70

Video description:

“After reading through the specification at the Volca FM product page, I had to make a vlog. I’m going bananas!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.


Video description:

“A polyphonic digital synthesizer that completely reproduces a classic FM sound engine. More about volca fm at: http://www.korg.com/volca_fm/

The volca fm is a three-voice digital FM synthesizer that completely reproduces the sound engine of a classic FM synthesizer, and provides compatibility with it as well. The unique volca interface makes it easy to manipulate distinctive FM sounds even if you’re not familiar with the complexities of FM synthesis. The 16-step sequencer that’s one of volca’s features provides new functions such as WARP ACTIVE STEP and PATTERN CHAIN that let you make even more powerful rhythm patterns.”

Video published by Korg.