TuneStudio update

The Belkin site now has a page all about TuneStudio, with this great panel image. If you go to the page and hover your mouse over the image you can find out all about the product. Quite useful really.


TuneStudio Promo

Nice pic of the promo boards for TuneStudio, gives a little bit of a close up too.

TuneStudio: Video

Here’s another video on the TuneStudio coming soon. I quite like this video as it gives an idea of the size of the thing.tune

New TuneStudio pictures

More pictures of the iPod mixer.

TuneStudio: Interesting Podcast on ALI

Click the title to link to an interesting podcast about Belkin’s upcoming TuneStudio. Not only provides some interesting information about the product but also suggests that there may be several versions in the pipeline perhaps for podcasting or other recording applications. Could be useful.

TuneStudio Details from Belkin

Belkin details of the TuneStudio start to emerge. No information on the rumour about Ableton Live Lite being bundled with it. Never mind, plenty of time for that to come about.

TuneStudio for iPod 5th generation (video) – $179.99

  • Records directly to iPod in 16-bit, 44kHz quality
  • Streams audio through built-in USB interface to and from a PC or Mac® computer
  • Each channel is equipped with 3-band EQ, pan and level controls
  • Phantom-power-enabled XLR inputs provide up to 60 dB of microphone gain
  • High-quality stereo compressor with makeup gain enhances audio dynamics and keeps audio levels within recording limits of the iPod
  • Features one-knob compression control
  • LEDs indicate master audio level, power status, peak indication, compressor activity, and recording status

TuneStudio Videos

I found this on YouTube. It doesn’t give much more than the stills of the TuneStudio.

No more as yet on a European release date or pricing.

TuneStudio: Some thoughts and information

I found this information at CDM, which (in my opinion) is an excellent site for up to date info. CDM were at MacWorld and got to see the TuneStudio first hand. Theire post on it is well worth a read.

I think that the development of the TuneStudio is an interesting development for the iPod. Does this make the iPod a reasonable platform for music recording?

As I understand it the TuneStudio creates a single wav file sitting on the iPod, which is not great for post production work.

But I was thinking. If the TuneStudio was able to create a wav file for each track and then stick those in the iPod, they could be exported to GarageBand or another DAW and then you could do whatever you wanted with them.

Possible? I don’t know?


I was really pleased to read this. Belkin’s TuneStudio got an iLounge’s Best of Show 2007 Award. Fantastic. I think it deserved it. I think it is a really innovative product, I can’t wait for it to come out. Well done iLounge for giving it an award too.

I was especially glad to see one in the picture as well. It is always cool to see these things in the flesh.

iPod becomes a 4-track…

This looks interesting. I love the idea of hardware add-ons for devices like iPods that take them completely outside the realm of what they were made for. This is a great idea.

If this comes out I am going to have to seriously re-evaluate my needs for an iPod.

Here’s what iLounge say about it:

Belkin has introduced the TuneStudio, a four-channel audio mixer that allows users to create digital recordings directly to a fifth-generation iPod. The mixer accepts up to four different instruments or audio sources, and records the audio to the iPod in 16-bit, 44kHz stereo quality for instant playback; each source has a 3-band equalizer, pan and level controls, and the system offers microphone gain and makeup gain features attenuated to the iPod’s recording needs. According to the company, it can also serve as an external USB sound card for PCs or Macs, allowing PC source audio input and output to a PC from any of its inputs, as well as streaming audio over a USB connection.

“TuneStudio is compact, portable, and tough enough to withstand life in a rehearsal room or in a garage,” says Belkin. “Bands can easily attach instruments and microphones to TuneStudio and record jam sessions directly onto an iPod. Podcasters can also use this device to record their shows either in a studio or on location.” Belkin said the TuneStudio is expected to be released this summer, priced at $180.