More Milkytracker goodness

Even more Milkytracker goodies coming with the next release …

New waveform generators and a mix-sample feature will be also available in the sample editor. Cool !


Milkytracker how to videos

A very useful selection I think

More Milkytracker tools soon

Even more goodies coming to Milkytracker soon!

MilkyTracker for PSP released!

How did I miss that then!

What with this and PSP Rhythm, the PSP is fast becoming an interesting platform.

Symbian Tracker

I thought I’d post again on the Symbian Tracker “mobitracker” project which seems to be moving forward.

Of course, I have no device to check this out with so any feedback on it would be more than welcome.

The site is quite sparse and doesn’t contain too much information but it looks to be maintained which is good news.

PsyTexx II 0.4 Update

PsyTexx II has just been updated to version 0.4. New in this version:


  • Added RAW-samples loading function
  • Some windows redesigned
  • Added “Clear comments” function
  • Added two timers: working time and playing time
  • He he… Multichannel arpeggio (0xx effect) was added. I like it 🙂
  • Click on a channel: left button – mute/unmute channel; right – solo channel/unmute all
  • Added new font: 8×13
  • Improved sample editor
  • Added wave drawing to the channels view
  • Fixed many different bugs

I keep meaning to get to grips with Psytexx, both I and II, but never seem to get around to it, which I think is a shame as obviously a lot of work has gone into the software.

I am also really impressed that it is released as open source.

Part of me wants to start looking at their code to try and understand what is going on, but I know that I am unlikely to understand any of it at all.

Still, only January and an updated Palm application already. Excellent start to the year.

Symbian Tracker ! ! !

Well, as I was hunting around for trackers that run on Windows 95 I found this tracker for the Symbian platform. Cool. I had no idea there was software for music making for that platform.

Litte GP tracker

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t look out for these kind of things. You start to find out about stuff, and then what happens? You’re gonna want to buy one.

Well, that’s what I’m starting to think here. There’s an active community of users for this device, and Little GP tracker seems to be in constant development.

It is certainly something I’m going to keep an eye on.


One thing I’ve never been able to get my head around is how to use Psytexx. Perhaps it is because I never really grew up with software trackers in the early Spectrum / Atari days. Still, it is something I wish I could get to grips with.

In a world where this is precious little music software for the Palm platform it seems a shame to not use something like this.

Find Psytexx here: