TIZE 1.3 sees this app open up

I’ve been following TIZE for a while now and watching how it develops. Up until now it’s been a bit closed off, but now it’s really becoming something of use. Here’s what’s new:

Tize has opened up, you can now import your own samples!

  • Sampler Track
  • Assign your own samples to the drum pads
  • Slicer : Chop an audio file into 16 slices and assign them to the drum pads
  • File Manager
  • Import audio via other apps, your music library, or copy files through iTunes
  • Bug fixes / Stability improvements

Tize 1.2.4 brings Link and more

The new version of Tize is quite a feature pack. Here’s all that’s new:

  • Ableton Link
  • Search Sounds
  • New Keyboard
  • Log out
  • Change username
  • Backup All Projects
  • New Track menu
    • Change Track Color
    • Duplicate Track
    • Rename Tracks
    • Fill/Un-fill track patterns
  • New Chords
  • Bug fixes

Tize 1.2 has my interest

I haven’t mentioned this app before although I have looked at it and thought that it does look strikingly like another app (feel free to guess in the comments). But with version 1.2 it has got my interest again. Mainly because of what’s in that update …

Sampling – use your own sounds to make unique beats

  • Audio looping
  • Audio editing – trim, pitch, and time stretching
  • Import from your music library

Exporting – more freedom to use your creations how you want to

  • MIDI export
  • Bounce all tracks
  • Wav export

Audio Engine

  • Audio unit extension support
  • New microphone w/ microphone input display
  • New effect presets

Not bad for an update I think. So maybe it’s time to pay a little more attention.

Tize is free on the app store, although has IAPs, mainly for content packs as far as I can see.

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