OP-Z NAMM 2016 SNEAK PEEK video from Cuckoo Music

Here’s a long interview from Cuckoo with Teenage Engineering. Some high points for me:

  • They’re still going to do updates for the OP-1
  • There’s a tiny mention that they’re thinking about an OP-2!
  • The OP-Z’s visual element was an early design choice
  • There’s some really interesting things that they’ve done with the sequencer using ‘components’ which will make it a very cool device
  • Teenage Engineering are using the Unity Game Engine, but the graphics are being generated by the device that the OP-Z connects too, not the OP-Z itself, which makes me think that an iOS device could be connected!
  • The device has only been in development for 4 months! That’s insane!
  • The team developing it is 3-5 people
  • There was a comment that they’ve come a long way in 4 months but they can do much more in a year. Does that mean it isn’t coming out for another year?
  • Still no news on release, but 2017 was mentioned (so your wallet is safe for now)
  • No price news either

Anyway, enjoy the video. I did.

Teenage Engineering still developing the OP-1

I was pleased to see in their latest newsletter (alongside the wallet debilitating news of 3 new PO series devices) that TE are still working on the OP-1! That’s great to hear. They’re not giving much away, and it was tucked away at the end of the email, so if you missed it or didn’t get it, here it is:

we are continually developing our flagship synthesizer the OP-1, soon back in stock. thanks for all the feedback we’re getting! we know a lot of you are waiting for an update. stay tuned for more info…”

I’m hoping it won’t be too long, and it would be awesome if they did a hardware add-on for the OP-1, although that too would be a costly move no doubt.

Teenage Engineering launch the new PO-20 series

Well it isn’t a big surprise really. After the huge success of the first PO series there had to be a second batch, and here they are.

And there’s a nice little video from Cuckoo about them too.

More stuff to save up for then!

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