Video: Volca & Pocket Operator – SYNC Tutorial – haQ attaQ 139

Video description:

“In this tutorial I am syncing a KORG Volca Bass and a Pocket Operator Robot together, using click-track sync!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

A bit more news on the OP-1 update coming soon

So Audio News Room have more details on what’s coming to the OP-1 in the next update. It sounds good, there’s going to be a new sequencer mode and device’s knobs will now be push enabled, which could be interesting. If you want to know more then check the ANR page here.

Video: OP-1 and Pocket Operators Get Together

Video description:

“This video features the Teenage Engineering OP-1, PO-12 Rhythm, PO-14 Sub, PO-28 Robot, and a tasty beverage.”

Video published by Heatseekerrr.

Video: 3 New Pocket Operators From Teenage Engineering

Video description:

“Office, Arcade and Robot – Gaz Williams takes a lot at the quirky Swedish ultra-portable music devices”

Video published by sonicstate.

Awesome set up with OP-1, PO’s and littleBits


This looks like just the sort of thing I’d attempt, although I’d not sure that the description over on the littleBit site really explains what he’s doing to get everything to work together.

Even so, it looks pretty cool.

Video: PO 20-series

Video description:

“introducing pocket operators PO 20-series by teenage engineering and cheap monday. PO-20 arcade, PO-24 office & PO-28 robot.
order here:
online manuals:

Video published by Teenage Engineering

Video: Pocket Operators IDM style

Video published by Kevin Polzer.

Video: Teenage Engineering OP-Z – NAMM 2016

Another video of the OP-Z from Teenage Engineering. I don’t think that there’s anything in there that hasn’t come out before, but if you’re seeing this for the first time it’s worth checking out.

Video: Teenage Engineering PO-20 “Arcade” Overview

Video: Teenage Engineering – Pocket Operators Demo – NAMM 2016

Video description:

“Two of the new Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators (Arcade and Office) are featured here along with the Rhythm Operator that came out last year. Both “Office” and “Arcade” are named appropriately, but the sounds are much more that those limited generalizations. Most of the bass comes from Office for example. In this demo I am showcasing what you can get with these 3 units in sync. They are wired together and the audio is directly recorded with some compression added. I deleted all of the stock patterns in each Pocket Operator and made 16 new patterns per unit. The video shows navigation through these patterns in each machine with different combinations as a performance. You will see example of built in FX, parameter locks, pattern chaining and more. I hope you enjoy the demo and the house beats. Thanks for stopping by to watch another one of my videos.”

Video published by djthomaswhite.

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