Synth Automata – Automata Controlled Synthesizer arrives

From the maker of E Theremin – Electro Theremin, E–Theremin MKII, RS-08 | 8 Oscillator Ribbon Synth, SynthDrum Pads and WubSynth | EDM Bass Synth comes a new app which is apparently inspired by a talk given by Brian Eno.

As a lover of all things generative I look forward to enjoying this app!

Synth Automata is an app designed for making Generative music. Synth Automata achieves Algorithmic composition via the uses of an interactive Cellular Automata (Conway’s Game of Life) as a tigger for notes. The user can select what scale the Automata maps to, The generated notes are then passed on to the synthesizer and onboard effects.

It was inspired by a talk given by Brian Eno and Will Wright


  • 8×8 Cellular Automata
  • 64 oscillators
  • Ladder style resonant low-pass filter
  • Onboard effects; reverb, delay
  • Tempo control
  • Programable scale
  • AHD amp envelope
  • 3 waveforms
  • High-pass filter

Made in Cornwall, UK, which is a lovely place.

Synth Automata costs $1.99 on the app store now:

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