Symphony Pro 4.2 arrives and is on sale too

Here’s what’s new with Symphony Pro in version 4.2:

Important Stability Issues Addressed in this Version

  • Memory issues with large numbers of projects saved or previously opened
  • Fixes crashing during playback due to internal consistency errors

Playback / Audio

  • New & reworked sound libraries for strings & woodwinds
  • New instruments in the collection include an alternate grand piano, rock organ, banjo, kalimba, koto, shenai, and bagpipe
  • Use Left/Right Arrows to move Play Head in real time
  • Fixed cut-time and fermata playback
  • Volume levels of wind and brass instruments normalized & rebalanced
  • Better performance on older iPads
  • Dynamic symbols now update track volume in real time and across tied notes

Audio/MIDI Import & Export

  • AAC/m4a: fixed occasional crashing during export process
  • MIDI import: fixed missing notes and incorrect note values
  • MIDI Export: percussion MIDI map now conforms to GM Standard

Export to PDF/AirPrint 

  • PDF quality no longer fluctuates between exported pages
  • Address freezing when exporting to AirPrint

MusicXML Import 

  • Up to date for latest versions of Sibelius, Finale, and Notion:
  • Key signature changes now recognized, as well as transposing staves
  • Improved recognition of part-wise clefs
  • Support for pickup measures, grand staff, and multi-stave parts

MusicXML Export 

  • Up to date for latest versions of Sibelius, Finale, and Notion:
  • Export of part group information and instrument names
  • Support for octave clefs

General Interface 

  • Toolbar layout optimized for iPad Pro
  • Faster loading & saving of local & cloud documents
  • Open a Contextual Help Overlay for a visual overview of currently available command / editing icons. Available under Help Icon > Quick Help
  • Fix various interface issues when attempting to rename project
  • With with no viewing folder chosen, only uncategorized projects are now shown (previously, all projects were shown)

QWERTY Shortcuts 

  • Available keyboard commands now categorized into sections (Press Option + K to open list)
  • Load or export your customized QWERTY shortcuts as preset file via the Mail app

General Editing 

  • Fixed score pinch-to-zoom
  • Stave reposition works correctly in multi voice compositions
  • Add textboxes to empty bars

Note Entry 

  • Ghost/bracketed note support, available from noteheads expandable button
  • Dotted note icon deselects automatically after entering a new note
  • Accidental sign automatically turns off from Notes Toolbar after entering note
  • Fixed incorrect/unintended accidentals when entering notes

Note Editing 

  • Tap once on newly added note to bring up transpose/edit/delete menu items
  • Tap selection a second time to show Note Properties Palette, Custom Tuplet feature, and other Note Adjust Menu options
  • Editing of tie property works correctly in Select mode
  • Correct note names now displayed while dragging a note to transpose

Input Cursor 

  • Preview how a selected note or chord sounds by tapping once on cursor
  • Better repositioning of cursor when editing notes & score symbols

Chord Symbols 

  • Fixed font sizes after opening project
  • Prevent flickering when large numbers of symbols displayed

Notational Rendering Improvements 

  • Improved note alignment for multi-voice staves
  • Rests and ties are drawn properly

Score Layout 

  • New option under Score > Display Settings > Page Sizes allows for score aspect ratio to fit screen, for both landscape and portrait viewing (this option is now the default)

Accessibility w/VoiceOver 

  • Use Magic Tap gesture (two-finger double tap) to toggle playback
  • Press Cmd+Alt+P to read back score expressions for selected note, including dynamics, articulations
  • Read back pitch and note value for selected note using Cmd+Alt+P

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