STROM 1.5 arrived

Not a massive update for STROM, but the first since Jan, and good to see it get updated however small. Here’s what’s new:

  • file drop from Mac – you can now drop audio files into STROM from SDS Drop
  • stability fixes and UI improvements
  • use the Control-All feature without touching your iPad: hold any unused performance macro on your Rytm to activate!

ström update adds IAA, which is interesting

You might know ström if you know any of Mr HumbleTune’s other apps such as STRNG, ShapeSynth, nils, or frekvens. However, ström is less well know. Before I go into details of the update though, here’s what the app is actually about:

“Ström is a minimalistic streaming internet radio. It is capable of playing the formats mp3, wav, aifc, aiff, m4a, mp4, caf and aac. Ström comes preset with fluid radio, lake radio and swedish radio p1, p2 and p3, but these can easily be changed to the user’s choice. Of course, ström is also capable of playing streams of a finite length.”

In the latest update it’s added:

  • Improving streaming engine.
  • Adding inter app audio.
  • Adding 64 bit processor support.

The most interesting of which is IAA. So I think I’ll have to revisit it, and you might want to as yet, as it is free.

STROM is on the bus!

I always say that I don’t get enough opportunities to say “X app is on the bus” anymore, but I don’t! So it’s great to see a new app on the bus.

Today it’s STROM. Here’s what’s new:

  • Strom can now be used as Audiobus Generator
  • Support for Rytm OS 1.30
  • Samples can now be transferred to your Rytm project/tracks/pads directly. Hold the Send button, then tap on a slice.
  • Rytm performance control enhancements: You can now randomize trig properties such as note/velocity, microtiming, retrigs, and probabilities.
  • bug fixes

STROM on the app store: