STEPS – MIDI Sequencer by Reactable 1.2 brings BLE and more

Reactable’s awesome little MIDI sequencer for iOS gets even better. Here’s what’s new in version 1.2:

  • You can now send MIDI via Bluetooth Low Energy to any iOS or Mac devices. (For iOS devices this means at least iOS 8 and for Macs it means at least Yosemite)
  • You can transpose the octave for a greater range of playback. Easily visualize which octave you’re in betwen our -3 to 3 range.
  • You can now visualise rests in “Target Mode”.

“We also added a nice new way to open or close all the steps. Just drag your finger up or down the “Gate Modes” button. This lets you work even faster when changing sequences live.

And last but not least we solved some bugs that were causing a few crashes here and there.”

STEPS – MIDI Sequencer:


STEPS – MIDI Sequencer by Reactable can do a lot more than you think, like Control External Hardware

This is pretty cool, but then it’s a pretty cool app.

STEPS – MIDI Sequencer by Reactable 1.1 brings AB3 and more

Reactable’s incredibly cheap little iOS MIDI sequencer gets the AB3 treatment in version 1.1. Here’s all that’s new:

Thank you for the feedback of our first version of STEPS and we’re very glad you’re enjoying the app. Here’s a new version that contains:

  • Audiobus 3 Support: Send both MIDI and External hardware sync in Audiobus 3.
  • The settings page MIDI destinations are now working as expected. Sorry about that.
  • We also fixed a bug where the same MIDI note would be sent multiple times

More features coming soon, so make sure to stay updated and keep the feedback coming.

STEPS on the app store: