Make a big difference today, help someone who’s a big part of our community

Many of you will know Doug Woods of thesoundtestroom! Doug is an essential member of the iOS Music community and has given a huge amount of his time and energy to helping others. You’ve probably seen at least one of his, in-depth tutorials.

Sadly Doug’s health isn’t all it could be, and that’s meant that he is struggling. So a bunch of developers have decided to donate profits from one day of sales, today Monday, December 12th.

When you buy any of the apps listed at this page on the Yonac site, the profits the developers receive will be going to Doug. Profits from IAPs will also go to Doug.

Be sure to check the page frequently – they’ll be adding more developers and more apps! If you are a developer and would like to get involved, please contact

Please do what you can to support Doug.

This is just so sad …

It’s taken me a little while to post this up. I’ve been thinking a lot about it though. About what it means for the mobile music / iOS music making community. I can understand the reasons for it. I get it. It’s still a shame that the site is going dark. A real shame.

Of course it isn’t the first time that we’ve lost a big part of the community. It’s happened before when iDesignSound went. That was a shame too. And of course it doesn’t mean that we’ve lost the contributors. Jakob and Doug are continuing as is the rather awesome Pants of Death.

So I say goodbye to the SoundTestRoom site. Thanks for your massive contribution to our world, and I hope (and I’m sure others do to) that one day you’ll be back.

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