More coming to SoundBow …


Video: SoundBow In Dub

Video description:

“SoundBow is an instrument for drawing sounds, questioning traditional sequences, folding out visual compositions. Drive any sound you wish with the recent update. Find out how at the website:

Video published by binaura.

SoundBow on the app store:

SoundBow adds MIDI and more in the latest update

Here’s what’s new in SoundBow 1.1:

  • Auto-sync drawings: want to keep the rythm? You can do so, by turning auto-sync on, so your drawings will always keep track of their timing and form clean, nice loops
  • MIDI out support: connect SoundBow to other devices and make any kind of sounds with other musical instruments, or even physical objects (see the website of SoundBow for details)

SoundBow update coming next month


New things coming to SoundBow

Looks like this is because of some new stuff in open frameworks, which looks pretty cool.

SoundBow from Binura has arrived and is beautiful

SoundBow from binaura on Vimeo.

Binura bring their beautiful SoundBow app to iOS at last. It is a gorgeous instrument with huge possibilities for expression and creativity.

I think that in many ways these are the kinds of apps that iOS was made for.

Here’s what Binura have to say about their app in the description:

“SoundBow is a drawing based music instrument with a clean and simple visual interface.

Create music by drawing curves over the screen. Your gesture will be remembered and played back continuously. Each time your ever-looping gesture hits a string, a sound is produced. Apart from drawing, you can experiment by moving the strings around freely to rescale your instrument. Record any sound through the microphone and start creating melodies, soundscapes with your own voice. If you wish, you can also export your composition as an audio file.

SoundBow is made with free and open source tools. The interface is built with OpenFrameworks, for accurate polyphonic sound sample playback, the sound engine is made with SodaLib, a free Data Sonification Library built on top of libPd (Pure Data).”

It’s also worth checking out their site too.

But apart from this being a really lovely interface that just cries out to be played it says a lot about PureData too. Pd is getting more and more useful, not just for people who want to make apps, but in apps for mobile and desktop.

If you can do this with Pd then the sky’s the limit really.

SoundBow is on the app store and costs just $2, which is nothing really, so you should go and buy it now.