Video: Sidecar 1.2

Video description:

“Sidecar is an iOS app designed for slide-over and side-by-side view on the iPad (with iOS 9). It features IAA hosting, a mixer, built-in audio recording, and a web server for recording access. It can also stream audio over WiFi to Apollo Sound Injector.

Sidecar also features ten pages of configurable MIDI pads, that can be set up for notes, chords, or either CC or PC messages. In the video, one of the pads is set to adjust the bit crush parameter in Animoog (which sounds pretty harsh here — just trying to make something that’s easy to hear in the YT video).”

Video published by Secret Base Design.

Sidecar on the app store:

Sidecar MIDI Controller 1.1 is here

Secret Base Design’s Sidecar MIDI Controller goes to version 1.1 with a couple of nice updates. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added support for background audio, to enable MIDI relay while in the background.
  • Added support for iOS 8 (slide-over and side-by-side use is only available on iOS 9).

Sidecar MIDI Controller on the app store:

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