Video: FLEKSI – mighty samplr, semi – tutorial

Video description:

“Samplr is a unique app. It is safe to say there’s nothing out there that does what it does in terms of sample manipulation. Because of this I decided to give Samplr some extra attention to get electronic musicians to get on board.

Of course there is vested interest involved. The app hasn’t been updated in a while and I’d like the developer to keep maintaining it so we can enjoy this amazing app further down the line. So there’s hope that the more people get the app the more likely it is to get developed further. Thanks”

Video published by Wojtek Domagalski.

samplr on the app store:

14 apps I love: 13 – Samplr


My penultimate choice is something more like an instrument. I know Samplr is well loved by a lot of people, and I count myself among them. Samplr is one of those totally immersive instruments that makes you feel like you’re actually touching the sample, touching the sound.

Samplr has so much depth that I doubt that I’ll ever get bored with it.

Video: iVCS3 Ableton Link Demo + Patterning Syncing Samplr

Video description:

“New Ableton Link integration to sync sequencer and LFOs in iVCS3 v1.6+ Also shows how to sync non Link app via midi clock sent from a Link app”

Video published by redskylullaby.

iVCS3 on the app store:

Patterning on the app store:

Samplr on the app store:

Video:iPad Music Making Workshop: Performing Live Sound Manipulation with Samplr

Video description:

“Live Workshop on using sampling iPad music apps to perform, produce and DJ with sound itself on physical level.”

Video published by Michael Feld.

Samplr on the app store:

Video: Samplr Play Modes

Video description:

Samplr is a music making app for the ipad. It is available at the Apple app store. This video demonstrates some of Samplr’s play modes.

Voice – Jocelyn McMahon-Babalis
Guitar – Sean Thompson
Vibes – Mike Kiely
Drums – Christian Arriola
Cello – Whitman Poling

Music and Video by Diego Munguia

Video published by Samplr Video.


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