RS-08 | 8 Oscillator Ribbon Synth brings IAA and more

RS-08 | 8 Oscillator Ribbon Synth 1.1 only has a couple of updates in it, but they’re well worth it. Here’s what’s new:

  • Audiobus 2 support (Requires iOS 8 or higher)
  • IAA support (Inter–App Audio)

RS-08 | 8 Oscillator Ribbon Synth arrived


A quite strange new app arrives today, from the makers of SynthDrum Pads. Looks quite intriguing though.

Here are the details:

8 oscillator ribbon mono synth with fine tunable chord memory.

The XYPad allows smooth pitch control and immediate jump to play back of 8 “Chord Slot”

Chord Slots are the saved, fine or corse oscillators pitches. RS-08 has 8 Chord Slots.

the XYPad allows instant call back of a Chord Slot making RS-08 a grate synth for playing one finger chords, or rich and dense cluster chords, or super saw like textures.

The XYPad combined with careful setup of “Chord Slot” and glide control can yield great Micropolyphony performances.

RS-08 is a unusual synthesizer loosely inspired by the compositions of György Ligeti.

Key Features

  • 8 oscillators
  • High Pass filter cutoff
  • Resonant Low Pass Filter
  • Amp ADSR
  • LP AR
  • On Board Effects; Chorus Reverb, Delay, Haas Spreader
  • XYPad (Master Pitch on X, Chord Slot change on Y)
  • 8 Waveforms
  • Glide (like portamento)
  • Stagger (delays the pitch change of each oscillator)
  • 99 Patch Save Slots

RS-08 | 8 Oscillator Ribbon Synth costs $3.99 on the app store: