Refraktions 2.1.3 arrived

The latest version of Refraktions seems to have packed quite a punch in terms of new features. Here’s what’s new:

  • Audiobus 2.3.2 added, all sounds routed to a single send port.
  • Added 14 musical scales.
  • Rebuilt audio engine for lower latency and future expandability.
  • Rebuilt gesture recognizers for better control of tempo and jog wheel.
  • Added right-swipe gesture to erase sounds of individual instruments.
  • Improved AI to better reproduce user’s composition density.

Refraktions 2.1.2 arrives

Refraktions gets another update, the second this month in fact. Here’s what’s new:

  • Background Mode was added to the Settings Panel, allowing the app to play audio or send MIDI notes while in the background.
  • MIDI Destinations was added to the Settings Panel, giving the user the option to choose specific, or multiple, MIDI destinations, including other MIDI-enabled iOS apps.

Refraktions 2.1.1 adds Link and more

In the first update in over six months for Refraktions and it’s a big one. Here’s what’s new:

  • Ableton Link was added, enabling Refraktions to sync with any other Ableton Link enabled device.
  • Sequencer Mode was added, simplying the process of sending MIDI sequences to external and modular synthesizers.
  • An artificial intelligence was added, complete with memory, the ability to learn the user’s preferences, and generate new compositions based on that data.
  • Sequencer jog-wheel was added, giving the user more control over the song position.
  • Settings Panel was added inside the app for easier customization.
  • Ability to choose major or minor scale was added.

Refraktions 2.0 looks interesting

I didn’t know about this app and it seems pretty interesting so I’m going to check it out myself. Here’s a bit about the app …

An auto-generating music app with a beautiful interface. Created by Jason J. Snell.

What’s New

New features include:

  • MIDI connectivity, including MIDI sync, start/stop, and sending and receiving MIDI notes.
  • Control of the app’s internal sequencer and tempo.
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