Video: Delta [C64] – on Teenage Engineering PO-28, PO-14 & PO-16

Video description:

“Here I do yet another live performance of a Commodore 64 SID classic: Delta, by Rob Hubbard from 1987.

Three Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators are used:

  • PO-28 Robot: main lead, blips and drums.
  • PO-14 Sub: bass and extra percussion.
  • PO-16 Factory: secondary lead.

Both leads are played live, but some special tricks had to be done in order to overcome the “fixed scale” of the PO’s, in this song that actually uses two scales. The PO-16 runs a few patterns where some notes on certain occasions are raised a half step. That way the range gets much wider.

Due to the 16-pattern limit of the PO-14 and PO-16 I had to break up the mid part and cut the parts together. Everything is done live though, so it’s totally playable.

Hubbard borrowed quite a bit from Philip Glass’ “Koyaanisqatsi” for this theme :)”

Video published by tubesockor.

Video: Pocket operator ROBOT vs Atmegatron

Video description:

“By total luck the Griffin laptop stand has a lip on the front which is exactly the correct size to hook on a Pocket Operator by the hanger. I have a Soulsby synth and a DJ Tech Tools Midifighter twister. Sorry about the music, it is just a random sequence with some beats played from the MPC Touch and Soulsby Atmegatron v2 for a rhythm. I promise to actually try and make a proper sequence next time ;)”

Video published by Robin Fitton.

Video: PO 20-series

Video description:

“introducing pocket operators PO 20-series by teenage engineering and cheap monday. PO-20 arcade, PO-24 office & PO-28 robot.
order here:
online manuals:

Video published by Teenage Engineering

14 mobile hardware devices I love: 6 – The PO Series

I couldn’t really mention the OP-1 (and sneakily the OP-Z) without mentioning the PO Series (eBay Link) from Teenage engineering too. I have the first set, and may consider the next lot when I’ve got some cash in my pocket.

These are, without a doubt (or at least without a doubt in my mind anyway), some of the most fun, and also innovative, tiny little music making machines around. They’re entirely pocketable, and their diminutive form disguises the massive amount of enjoyment that can be had from them. Whether you have one, two, or 6 of these they will be great fun, both to learn how to use them, and to create some sounds from them.

Video: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator – Robot Demo and Discussion

Video: Teenage Engineering “Pocket Mixer”… Say What?!

Video description:

“The demo explains everything really, but to make it quick I made a mixer and sync distribution device to use all 6 currently available Pocket Operators at the same time with an audio mixer and 1/4” out jack. Fun! If you like what you see let me know in the comments. With enough demand I may make these with powder coated case, silk screen and color coded knobs.

For the curious – Technically this is a passive summing mixer with 100K Pots and 10K summing resistors. The sync is simply split from the input jack to the output jacks with one single copper wire. Easy peasy. I will use Log (audio taper) pots in the final design. Pan and stereo outs would be hard without adding active circuitry.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. You can do it! Thanks for stopping by to check out another one of my projects captured on video.”

Video published by djthomaswhite.

You can find his drawings for this device here. It’s a nice idea, and a good start. I’d like to see it in a smaller form though really.

Video: Cremacaffè design | GoPocket • Pocket Operator traveller bag

Synthtopia brings us news of a new way to carry around your pocket operators. Whilst it looks quite nice, I’m not entirely convinced.

Video description:

“GoPocket is the dream companion of all Pocket Operator owners!
It will keep your micro synths cozy and safe while you are on the move, unfolding in style only once at destination.

Our young designer Davide handcrafted a minimalist packaging, which is light, super resistant, and carries three Pocket Operators at once. GoPocket is easy to wash and highly reusable when needed, for instance to carry jewelry, or paintbrushes.
Our products are handmade and deploy repurposed fabrics, therefore we produce them in a limited stock. Each piece is just as functional, yet unique.

GoPocket | Pocket Operator traveller bag

Video published by Cremacaffè design.

Video: playing the PO-20 ARCADE Pocket Operator!

Video description:

“Teenage Engineering/ Cheap Monday PO-20 ARCADE
So much fun!”

Video published by Zombie Nation official.

Video: Pocket Operators IDM style

Video published by Kevin Polzer.

Video: Teenage Engineering PO-20 Arcade – First Play

Video description:

“Synth fun, messing about with a sequence on the PO20 and driving it with synch signal from the Volca Keys. Using some basic synth pads on the MPC Touch. Thanks to Cuckoo for teaching me how to fiddle my knobs on these new Operators.”

Video published by Robin Fitton.

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