Video: I Love PO 28 – Live Performance

Video description:

“Pocket Operators are FUN! And I am really loving the PO-28 Robot!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

He just makes me want to go buy more of these! Stop it Jakob!

Video: Volca FM meets PO-12

Video description:

“Fun little jam with the Korg Volca FM and the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 12. A seriously lethal duo”

Video published by r beny.

Seeing Deerful play live, and some thoughts on mobile music performace


And in this performance an PO as well. In fact, in this show by Deerful, everything was battery powered, and I have to say that it worked beautifully.

You might remember Deerful from a video I posted a little while ago:

I’m a big fan of her work and so it was great to see her live for the first time at the Shacklewell Arms last Friday. It was an excellent performance. Deerful synth based pop is delicate, subtle and crafted with care. But just because it’s synth pop doesn’t mean it’s disposable, on the contrary her music is full of meaning and her lyrics are well worth several listens.

But apart from being battery powered you might be wondering why she’s getting a mention on PalmSounds, well that’s a good question and an easy answer too. Deerful is making music with a lot of mobile devices and apps too. In fact, her latest release (iTunes link) has been made with an OP-1 and NanoStudio on an iPad Mini. Moon Maps is one of the tracks on this release and I have to say that I’ve played it quite a few times now. I keep coming back.

But that’s not the only release from Deerful that I’ve enjoyed. City Bells (iTunes link) is also excellent and is probably one of the only songs I know of that has the word ‘Michaelmas’ in it, and yes, it rhymes too. If that wasn’t enough then Emma (Deerful) is also a part of School of Noise too, and if you don’t know what that is then click the link and find out, you won’t be sorry.

But playing with an all battery powered rig has it’s challenges too. Before the gig Emma talked to me about the challenges it creates and how a constant reliance on batteries can make one somewhat nervous. I can understand that having done it myself.


But none of this had any impact on her performance, which was wonderful. Polished and yet emotional. Even though this little rig was small enough to fit on this tiny table it gave a big sound and all very complimentary too. Throughout the gig there wasn’t one song I didn’t enjoy.

But there was one song that really stood out for me for a couple of reasons.


Emma introduced this song by assuring everyone in the audience that she wasn’t going to play it on a pocket calculator. Of course it was a Teenage Engineering PO (a robot I think). And the track was amazing. Really amazing. I hope that she releases it in the not too distant future. It was awesome to see someone perform with a PO device, and do it so competently as well, but to see and here this track and vocal were amazing. I can’t stress it enough.

So if you get a chance to see Emma (Deerful) then I’d strongly suggest that you take the opportunity. You won’t be sorry at all.

Video: Volca & Pocket Operator – SYNC Tutorial – haQ attaQ 139

Video description:

“In this tutorial I am syncing a KORG Volca Bass and a Pocket Operator Robot together, using click-track sync!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Video: PO-28 & iKaossilator SYNC – Ableton Link -Tutorial – haQ attaQ 134

Video description:

“In this episode I am showing you how to sync a PO-28 (Robot) by Teenage Engineering to iKaossilator using SyncKontrol by KORG. And it all stays in tempo thanks to Ableton Link!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

iKaossilator on the app store:

SyncKontrol on the app store:

Video: OP-1 and Pocket Operators Get Together

Video description:

“This video features the Teenage Engineering OP-1, PO-12 Rhythm, PO-14 Sub, PO-28 Robot, and a tasty beverage.”

Video published by Heatseekerrr.

Video: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator – Lunch break Jam

Video description:

“Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm, PO-20 Arcade & PO-28 Robot with a Korg KP-mini doing a live improvisational synth jam.

Hi Gang,

This is more of an experiment really but it’s the first of a series of recordings I’ll be doing during my lunch breaks. You see, I started a new diet and I’m not going out for lunch anymore so I have some free time. This was the first test run to see how things would go.

I’m building a larger, all battery powered mini-studio that will fit inside an aluminum case. It will use my Novation Circuit, Pocket Operators, Volca Keys, a couple guitar pedals and a battery powered mixer recording into the trusty DR-05. BUT.. I haven’t finished building that yet so this was just a mess around with the PO’s.

Don’t expect anything magical here. I’m just messing around and I’ve found this particular signal chain seems to introduce a lot of noise. It’ll be better when I split the sync off and send the audio for the PO’s into the mixer individually.

Thanks for watching.­en

Video published by Matt Greer.

Video: 3 New Pocket Operators From Teenage Engineering

Video description:

“Office, Arcade and Robot – Gaz Williams takes a lot at the quirky Swedish ultra-portable music devices”

Video published by sonicstate.

Awesome set up with OP-1, PO’s and littleBits


This looks like just the sort of thing I’d attempt, although I’d not sure that the description over on the littleBit site really explains what he’s doing to get everything to work together.

Even so, it looks pretty cool.

Some music from me, made with a PO-12

I made the beat with the Teennage Engineering PO-12, but then brought it into AUM and used AudioReverb, frekvens, and Reverb Delay Feedback Network to mangle it a bit.

It’s only short, but I hope you like it.

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