I do like unusual apps, and this fits the bill for me

There’s plenty of apps around these day to do pretty much everything you could think of in musical terms. Sifting through them can be difficult, but this one caught my eye as it’s a bit different from the run of the mill.

Here’s the description of PicopicoSequencer …

Picopico Sequencer is a music sequencer that plays music in so-called picopico sounds. The Japanese word “picopico” refers to the primitive sounds such as sine wave. And in Picopico Sequencer you can “create” your own sound waves.


  • Create music in MML
  • Create your own sound waves in JavaScript
  • It looks as though you can edit music with GUI, you can’t now.
  • You can define at most 32 tracks per a song.

PicopicoSequencer is on the app store now and is free:

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