Pianofly FM Synth version 2 has arrived

I posted about this before it arrived back on the app store and now here it is, and it’s great to have it back! Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixes screen rotation bug
  • Universal app with iPad support
  • Added triangle wave to waveforms
  • Generated waveform graphics
  • Keyboard lock to limit scrolling
  • Gesture/button improvements
  • New icon picker (zoom/crop your photos)
  • See icon of sound being edited.
  • New revert sound menu (factory sound or last session)
  • High res graphics on all modern screen sizes/resolutions
  • New, more efficient multi-touch handler
  • UI adjusts to all modern screen sizes
  • Updated help screens
  • Performance improvements (frame sync, etc.)
  • Brighter blue!

I’d all but given up home on miniMusic, but …

After a very long time miniMusic have announced an update to their only iOS app, PianoFly. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you probably also don’t know that miniMusic is part of real mobile music history. They were one of the first developers to bring music apps to the Palm OS platform way back in 1999!

Now they’ve announced an update. PianoFly 2.0 is coming! It’ll be back on the app store soon, which is great news.

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