minijam studio – portable music machines arrives on Kickstarter, from the makers of Patchblocks


You might remember me talking about Patchblocks, originally when the hardware first launched, then again when they crowdfunded for equity. Now they’re back on Kickstarter with a whole new set of hardware. The mini jam studio. You can find it on Kickstarter now, and it’s already doing well. You can also listen to below:


Video: Making stuff with patchblocks – part 1 James Chip

Video description:

“A series of videos i am going to do on making stuff with patchblocks,

Patchblocks are little programmable DSP modules that let you create your own synth modules and audio effects. In this video we make a simple pitch and volume control for a sine wave generator.”

Video published by James Chip.


Video: Improvising with Pocket Operators and Patchblocks

Interesting to see how people use their PO series device, and especially for me it’s good to see this with a patchblocks unit too.

Video description:

“Apologies for the length, I got a bit carried away. This is a little improvisation I put together with my newly acquired PO-20 and Patchblock.

Gear used:
Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm
Teenage Engineering PO-20 Arcade
Patchblock running Jayrope’s Shattuh spring emulation patch available here:

This is largely unedited, except for a little cut around 11 minutes in where I accidentally paused the PO-20, oops!

For more of my melodic electronic music:

For more of my minimal techno:

Video published by pselodux.