Now there’s a sneak peek of the OP-Z and it’s got me hooked already

I do like Teenage Engineering, the OP-Z has been of particular interest. This (very long) video shows just how compelling the OP-Z is. I’m especially interested in how small this device is. It reminds me of the VL-10 in terms of size, and highly pocketable.


Video: OP-Z Production Peek 1 (but no news on when)

Video description:

“Teenage Engineering is focusing all of its manpower to development of their up and coming, in production OP-Z. A groundbreaking little musical pocket machine, which also will come with a solution for visuals. Here’s a unique and intimate meeting with David Mollerstedt, one of the lead developers of the OP-Z.”

Video published by CuckooMusic.

Video: Teenage Engineering OP-Z – NAMM 2016

Another video of the OP-Z from Teenage Engineering. I don’t think that there’s anything in there that hasn’t come out before, but if you’re seeing this for the first time it’s worth checking out.

OP-Z NAMM 2016 SNEAK PEEK video from Cuckoo Music

Here’s a long interview from Cuckoo with Teenage Engineering. Some high points for me:

  • They’re still going to do updates for the OP-1
  • There’s a tiny mention that they’re thinking about an OP-2!
  • The OP-Z’s visual element was an early design choice
  • There’s some really interesting things that they’ve done with the sequencer using ‘components’ which will make it a very cool device
  • Teenage Engineering are using the Unity Game Engine, but the graphics are being generated by the device that the OP-Z connects too, not the OP-Z itself, which makes me think that an iOS device could be connected!
  • The device has only been in development for 4 months! That’s insane!
  • The team developing it is 3-5 people
  • There was a comment that they’ve come a long way in 4 months but they can do much more in a year. Does that mean it isn’t coming out for another year?
  • Still no news on release, but 2017 was mentioned (so your wallet is safe for now)
  • No price news either

Anyway, enjoy the video. I did.

A bit more detail on the OP-Z

The OP-Z seems to be a pretty amazing device. Here’s what’s I’ve gleaned from the video.

  • Sequencer
  • 16 tracks
  • Synth engine based on the OP-1
  • 4 effects tracks
  • 2 tracks for controlling external devices
  • Lego compatible!
  • An external app (don’t know if this will be tablet or desktop or both) to access features and controls
  • A built in video synth that looks amazing and totally off the wall
  • Lots of stuff in the ‘to be announced’ category!

There’s no display, the interface is entirely done with LEDs. Which is going to be interesting and possibly a challenge.

No news on price as yet, but I can’t see it being cheap, can you?

There’s plenty that’s not being said about this device, but even so, if it’s from TE it’s probably going to be good. Unusual, maybe odd, but good.

A new synth is coming from Teenage Engineer, stay tuned for the OP-Z


It seems a little strange to go from the OP-1 to the OP-Z, somewhat final in my view, but there you are … Here’s what their site says:

wireless 16 track multitimbral synthesiserwith fully sequenceable parameter locks, video synthesisand the introduction of step components.”

No more information that that right now, but as it arrives I’ll pass it on.

(Thanks to Paul Collins for the tip off).