Video: OP-1 FM Gong sound Tutorial – haQ attaQ 135

Video description:

“I love FM synthesis and the OP-1 really delivers just that.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Video: OP-1 and Pocket Operators Get Together

Video description:

“This video features the Teenage Engineering OP-1, PO-12 Rhythm, PO-14 Sub, PO-28 Robot, and a tasty beverage.”

Video published by Heatseekerrr.

Video: Wintergatan’s Marble Machine – on Teenage Engineering OP-1

Video description:

“Another tribute to Wintergatan’s amazing “Marble Machine” song & video! Here performed live on Teenage Engineering OP-1 instead of a gigant ball machine. I tried to be as true to the original as possible (down to each separate drum hit 🙂 ), but still just working with the limitations of the OP-1 instead. Instructions on what’s going on are available in the video. I’m using the LEGO accessory to get better control over one of the parameters.”

Video published by tubesockor.

Just shows what you can do with an OP-1. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

Awesome set up with OP-1, PO’s and littleBits


This looks like just the sort of thing I’d attempt, although I’d not sure that the description over on the littleBit site really explains what he’s doing to get everything to work together.

Even so, it looks pretty cool.

14 mobile hardware devices I love: 5 – The OP-1

I couldn’t really let this opportunity slip to mention the OP-1. It is simply a work of genius, and, unlike many hardware devices, in continuous development by its makers. In fact, according to recent NAMM coverage, Teenage Engineering have a new OS in the works. I’m always impressed by that.

It is both a source of inspiration and frustration as well for me. At times I love it, I love the design aesthetic, the execution and the joy of the device, and at other times I find myself completely frustrated by not seeming to be able to actually finish anything with it!

Even so, it has to be on my list, and I suspect that when the OP-Z arrives, that’ll probably be on a subsequent list too.

Of course, the one downside to the OP-1 is it’s price. Getting one from Teenage Engineering will set you back around €949 (about £700). However, the OP-1 can be had on eBay for less.

Teenage Engineering still developing the OP-1

I was pleased to see in their latest newsletter (alongside the wallet debilitating news of 3 new PO series devices) that TE are still working on the OP-1! That’s great to hear. They’re not giving much away, and it was tucked away at the end of the email, so if you missed it or didn’t get it, here it is:

we are continually developing our flagship synthesizer the OP-1, soon back in stock. thanks for all the feedback we’re getting! we know a lot of you are waiting for an update. stay tuned for more info…”

I’m hoping it won’t be too long, and it would be awesome if they did a hardware add-on for the OP-1, although that too would be a costly move no doubt.

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