Navichord – chord sequencer and MIDI controller gets AB3 MIDI support and more

Navichord – chord sequencer and MIDI controller gets another update and adds new features plus AudioBus 3 MIDI support. Cool no?

Here’s what’s new:

‘Lock scale to white keys’ support for external keyboards

  • Play any scale with just the white keys
  • See [ Settings / Scale / Lock scale to white keys ]

LED Scale Guide for supported keyboards (K-Board, QuNexus)

  • Light up your keyboard with the selected scale
  • Works with ‘Lock scale to white keys’ too, lights up white keys
  • See [ Settings / Scale / LED Scale Guide ]

Audiobus 3 MIDI support

  • Several MIDI Sender ports for chord voices and the keyboard
  • MIDI Receiver port for the keyboard

IAA sync, IAA tempo, IAA transport controls (Play, Stop, Rewind), Pause/Resume is not supported

Push notifications – get informed about new features and tutorials

Navichord – chord sequencer and MIDI controller on the app store:

A massive update for Navichord in version 2.5

Version 2.5 of Navichord brings a really big set of new features, minor updates, and fixes too. What’s more Navichord is half price at the moment at $3.99.

Here’s what’s new:


  • New preset format includes all settings (scale, pads, MIDI, Audio, UI)
  • Audiobus state saving
  • Improved Pad Edit – rearrange pads by dragging, easy transpose, delete and chord generation buttons
  • MIDI clock input and output
  • Color themes


  • Improved Settings structure and appearance
  • Improved Toolbars structure and appearance
  • Selectable accidentals (sharps, flats, auto)
  • Lock scale to white keys (use onscreen white keys to play any scale)
  • Note names changed to lowercase
  • Added a simple mixer for internal instruments
  • Help section updated – chord shapes are back
  • Ableton Link quantum is changed from 1 bar to the length of the chord sequence
  • Grid hold is changed to latch
  • Added Bluetooth MIDI support


  • Fixed Play button not working when loaded into Audiobus with other apps
  • Allowed simultaneous input and output from the same MIDI device
  • Fixed occasional choppiness when changing chords

Navichord 2.0.5 arrived

Here’s what’s new:

  • MIDI virtual input
  • Improved MIDI sources detection
  • Chord sequence progress bar
  • Iwato scale
  • Preview video on the App Store page

Navichord 2.0.3 adds Link and much more

So here’s what’s new in Navichord:

  • Chord sequencer
  • Metronome
  • Ableton Link support
  • Audiobus Remote trigger to play/stop chord progressions
  • iTunes file sharing for pad presets

Navichord 2.0 arrives

Navichord 2.0 brings a lot of new features …

  • All-new chord pad layout
  • Quick chord and voicing modification
  • Chord presets and randomization
  • MIDI messages for chord pads
  • Quick help walkthrough
  • 10 internal instruments
  • Internal instruments can be loaded separately to the grid/pads and the keyboard
  • Stability and speed improvements

Navichord on the app store: