Video: Nave PAD Tutorial part 3 – haQ attaQ 152

Video description:

“Nave PAD Tutorial part 3! I’ve gotten a lot of requests regarding the Waldorf Nave modulation tutorial series, I started some time ago. Well, here’s part 3!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Nave on the app store:

Video: DreamsOfWires – watching the world go by Pt2 (Nave & iPad)

Video description:

“Part 2 of 3. This is also two layers recorded entirely within Nave, but using Beatmaker 2’s sequencer – I wanted to try to compose something note-by-note in Midi, like I did back in the early 2000’s when I didn’t even own a Midi keyboard, just a sequencer and some softsynths. It was slow-going back then.

The video is a continuation of the journey from Pt1; in this case some views of Newcastle and it’s bridges.

All sounds created from scratch by me.”

Video published by DreamsOfWires.

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