Video: Octatrack + OP-1 + Gameboy + Nanoloop

Octatrack + OP-1 + Gameboy + Nanoloop from j tomes on Vimeo.

Video: nanoloop glitch

Video description:

“I don’t really know nanoloop that well, but I’m pretty sure these noises aren’t supposed to be happening, and that’s okay with me.”

Video published by Chris Jernigan.

Video: nanoloop mono prototype first test loop

Video description:

“A 3-channel analog synthesizer on a Game Boy cart. Sound comes from the Game Boy’s headphone output.”

Video published by nanoloop.

Video: game boy jam on a treadmill

Always nice to see Doc Pop making some music.

Video description:

“Music written on a Gameboy using Nanoloop 1.6.3, and recorded directly onto my iPhone… while watching some glitchy tv on a treadmill in Texas.”

Video published by Doc Pop.

Video: duality micro – monotribe and nanoloop 2 (live)

Video description:

“A little live jam with the korg monotribe and nanoloop 2
synced via the cv sync cable:”

Video published by evadum.

Here are the slides from Doc Pop’s Nanoloop tutorial

Nanoloop on the app store:

Nanoloop Running on a Palm Zire 71

Now that is cool, I really must get around to trying this out. I’ve been meaning to try two emulations on my T3, firstly running GBulator with Nanoloop and apps by 8 Cylinder inside it (as seen in this photo of GBulator with Nanoloop, and also running Atari ST old music software on CaSTaway.

It has to be worth a go, certainly I think that the GBulator with Nanoloop / 8 Cylinder will work, I think that the Atari ST idea might be harder and less likely yet still worth a try.

So, there’s a job for February.

Any other kinds of emulation worthwhile for palm?