And the Android promo codes for Music Studio are on the site now!

Grab them whilst you can! Here are the codes …


A huge thank you goes out to Alex the developer of the Android and the iOS version of this excellent app.


Coming later this afternoon … Android Promo Codes for Music Studio!

This is a bit of a first for me. I’ve never distributed promo codes for Android, but it looks a lot like the process is very much the same as for iTunes. So, at 2pm I’ll be offering up 9 promo codes for the excellent Music Studio for Android (you’ll also know the iOS version).

If you want one of the codes then check back here at 2pm GMT exactly. The codes will all be available on the site.

Recollections of PalmSounds: Music Studio

I can remember when Music Studio first arrived on the app store. It was a massive step forward, and so it’s great to get this from Alex:

“Back in 2009 when we released Music Studio for iPhone (iPad was not born yet and Android was unknown), PalmSounds was one of the first blogs to review Music Studio. It helped people to discover that DAWs are a reality on mobile devices and it helped us to gain traction with Music Studio. Congratulations and a big thank you to PalmSounds from Xewton!”

Mobile Studio : Current state

Here’s a shot of my current mobile studio. A Palm T3 and the Zoom PS04. That’s it. Nothing more, not yet that is. The idea being that over the next few weeks / months I will be adding other devices, but only within the bounds of being able to take everything with me in my gear bag.