MultiTrack DAW 4.3

The last update to MultiTrack DAW was back in November 2015, so whilst updates are generally on the infrequent side, when they do come they’re generally pretty big and worth sitting up and taking notice of.

This is no different at all. It’s a big one. Take a look.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Preamp gain controls how much signal is sent to IAA track effects.
  • Effect Knob drag types (horizontal, vertical, or both). Option available in Settings App.
  • IAA Track effects now work on underlying regions of armed tracks as well as input monitor.
  • “Sound Copy” App Extension, converts audio to wav and copies to the general pasteboard from outside MultiTrack, including ogg files.
  • Tempo Controller redesign, separate spinner controls for Ruler type and Display type, ‘Accent’ button to accent the first beat of the bar.
  • Custom metronome sound (drop a short wav file into the Documents folder named ‘metronome.wav’. Max duration for metronome sound is 0.1 seconds. Accent sound is created automatically by pitching up the sound.)
  • MultiTrack now rotates 5 backups of a project. If anything goes wrong, the latest backup is loaded.
  • Improved Input Selector box now groups core audio inputs, IAA effects, generators, instruments, and Audiobus sources.
  • Waveform previews are now built while recording, instead of after. No waiting for a lengthy preview build after long audio recordings.
  • Bins and Regions are named by track and take number, or audiobus source port names.
  • MultiTrack can now be launched into the background, when hosted from another app.
  • Now supports retina 3x displays on iPhone 6+, 6S+, and 7+ (5 tracks visible). iPad pro displays 11 tracks landscape and 15 tracks portrait.
  • Bluetooth A2DP and Airplay now works for iOS 10 devices (enabled in the Menu).
  • Non-Exclusive solo, now you can solo as many tracks as you want.
  • ‘IN’ volume meter now displays up to 24 input channels on iPad and 3x iPhone
  • Select from the 3 different built-in microphones on newer devices.
  • Reworked IAA plugin system for better stability and compatibility with particular apps.
  • Updated for iOS 10. Audiobus 3 ready.


  • Fix: email bug when sending large files on certain versions of iOS 9.
  • Fix: memory leak when recording with screen locked.
  • Fix: If the song project doesn’t match the hardware samplerate, converters are placed around IAA plugins.
  • Fix: To prevent Audiobus disconnections, input ports are now pulled even when track is disarmed or song is closed.

Recollections of PalmSounds: Hamilton (MultiTrack DAW)

I’ve been a MultiTrack DAW user since it first arrived on iOS and it’s just got better and better so it was great to receive this from Hamilton:

“PalmSounds was the first to blog about the app, back when iPhone music was just beginning around 2009. So I owe a lot to you for starting the ball rolling not just for us but all music app developers on iPhone. Seems like only yesterday, good times man, good times. I’ve been following you ever since, if there is anything happening on the iOS music scene, PalmSounds is there, telling me about it. Thanks for all the good information and hope it continues”

If you don’t know MultiTrack DAW then you should check it out. It has an amazing UI and is one of the best multitrack apps I know of.

14 apps I love: 8 – MultiTrack DAW


Another of my ‘go to’ apps, the MultiTrack DAW is just one of the most usable recorders there its unique interface has no clutter and makes it a joy to work with. It’s simple, functional, effective, brilliant, and I wouldn’t be without it.

Some samples from the Victoria line and the liberal use of Klevgränd apps

Some time ago I found this set of samples from the Victoria Line (that’s part of the London Underground network) which is intended for use by anyone who wants to make a track using the samples. So, eventually, I have, and I’d encourage you to take a look and download them too.

Anyway, that happened to coincide with getting a bunch of apps from the very awesome Klevgränd Produktion AB, who’s apps are really amazing, and I’d also encourage you to check their stuff out. More of that in a moment.

What I ended up doing is making this track:

How I went about it is as follows:

  • Firstly I loaded the samples into AudioShare and played them on loop via Audiobus into Kuvert then on to be recorded into MultiTrack DAW. To really understand how good Kuvert is you need to try it out, it is truly amazing and is in my top 3 effects apps now after one use!
  • Next I decided to further process the track using R0Verb (a really interesting reverb which I need to spend more time with), Svep (chorus and phaser), and finally Korvpressor, which is amazing!

So this track is as much about these apps as it is the original sample, but that’s fine. I think it’s a good way to discover this sample set, which I think I’ll explore a lot more, and these apps, which are, quite frankly, amazing.

Recording audio on iPad with Behringer U-control UCA222 (MultiTrack Daw app)


Testing the cheap and compact audio interface UCA222 for recording audio on iPad. Even with the power limitations of iOS 4.2 for external devices the UCA222 works nice with the Camera Connection Kit. No external power supply needed. It’s a nice solution for recording in stereo keeping the mobility.

For this video I used the Multitrack Daw app and a Korg Microx. The demo song is an excerpt of Renaissance’s Can You Understand (Ashes are burning, 1973).

More about Mobile Music and Music Apps on

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