Mogees 1.7 brings a new synth SCOPE

Mogees on the app store:

Mogees 1.7 arrives with a new synth and more

Introducing SCOPE – the new sound engine for MOGEES that uses real-world vibrations to shape your sound.

With SCOPE, the natural sonic properties of the objects you play are captured by the Mogees sensor, then re-synthesised with the melodic pitch of your choice.

Wood, metal, glass and even flowing water can retain their unique timbral qualities while being re-synthesised into deep bass sounds, ambient pad resonant harmonics, and much more.

MUON – Updated to have improved natural tone from the objects you play. New presets such as DAYAN and SPRING transmit the sonic character of your playing to bring liveness to your sound.

SIMPLIFIED INTERFACE – the Mogees app now allows instant access to sound engines and presets through a simpler workflow.

Video: Enzien Audio for Mogees

Video description:

“Watch this video to discover Enzien Audio and to see why we are using Heavy set tools here at Mogees.

Thanks to Enzien Audio

Video published by Mogees.

I thought that this might be of interest to Mogees App users, or indeed to other developers, or anyone who is using Pd for that matter.

14 mobile hardware devices I love: 2 – Mogees

Mogees has been around for a little while now and have run two successful Kickstarter campaigns, the first of which is where I got mine.

It’s a really interesting instrument and way of generating sound, and since they started I think that it’s come on a long way. I know that the newer generation of Mogees hardware has a lot more functionality to it than my first gen version, and also their app has moved on in leaps and bounds since they started too.

My recent experience of using my Mogees was coupled with Flux:FX to create some quite strange sonic experiences by tapping my ukulele. I really enjoyed making those sounds and I will get back to using the Mogees again when I have some more inspiration for a new experiment to try with it.

So for me the Mogees does lend it self to more experimental uses, that’s not to say that it’s the only way to use it at all, just my take.

Mogees version 1.2.1 arrives

It’s good to see that Mogees are very serious about their app. Here’s what’s new in the latest update:

Mogees Version 1.2.1 is here, containing MIDI connectivity updates. You can now use MIDI in and out over Wifi and Virtual ports on iOS.

If you’d like to know more about Mogees, check here.

There are still plenty more updates to come so stay tuned.

Mogees on the app store:

Video: (a bit off topic) How to use Mogees with Logic Pro X

But I thought I’d post it anyway, mainly as I’ve been using Mogees in my recent Ukulele explorations, and as such I thought it might grab the interest of anyone contemplating a Mogees.

Experimenting with Mogees and my Ukulele



These explorations were made using Audiobus with the Mogees app into Flux:FX Play (which is fast becoming my favourite FX app).

I’m really pleased with the outcomes, so I’m interested to hear what you think.

Mogees & Kitchen Pots

Video description:

“This is my first little video showing you Mogees with my Kitchen Pots. Mogees is a contact microphone with which you can transform any object in an instrument”

More Informations about Mogees here:

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

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