modstep 1.2 arrives

The excellent modstep gets a big update with some great new features and plenty of bug fixes too. Here’s what’s in 1.2:

New Features

  • AUv3 user presets (for AUv3s that support it)
  • Audiobus 3 ready
  • 35 new Sample Kits
  • 8 new MIDI templates for
    Roland TR-09, Roland TB-03, OTO BIM, OTO BAM, Modal CRAFTsynth, Meeblip triode, Korg monologue,Elektron Analog Heat
  • added the possibility to disable Auto Save
  • changed time display on Auto Save to minutes and seconds
  • added BPM info for exported audio files and folders
  • clearer indication in the Mixer when audio is distorted
  • various workflow enhancements


  • fixed several issues with AUv3 under iOS 10.x
  • fixed a bug that caused MIDI Settings to be ineffective/wrong after reloading a project
  • fixed a bug that could lead to a crash when importing via AudioShare
  • fixed a bug with copying Scenes and Loop Settings
  • fixed a bug that caused exported audio to be too loud / distorted
  • fixed a bug that disregarded new clip colors when they were changed after reloading
  • fixed a bug that would cause the navigation window to be stuck in Step Sequencer and Piano Roll

Note: modstep does not work with iPads prior iOS 8 anymore!

modstep 1.1.4 brings iOS10 compatibility and much more

It’s only fair to say that modstep is a truly versatile app, and is also among the very few that still support the iPad 1. This latest update brings iOS10 compatibility and a lot more besides. Here’s what’s new:

  • iOS 10 support
  • “Autostart Plugins” allows you to decide whether you want to load AUv3 and IAA with the Session
  • “Load last Session on Startup” allows you to decide whether you want to load the last Session on Startup or start with a new Session
  • Preset support for AUv3 FX
  • State-saving for AUv3 (except for bassalicious)
  • new Templates for Ruismaker, Ruismaker FM, Korg Volca Kick, boom808, boom909, DM-2, bastl micro granny and FLUXFX (thanks to Tom Wies and Oscar South for the last two!)
  • updated Templates for Roland Boutique synthesizers


  • fixed a bug that would cause mono AUx to play only on one side
  • improved AUx loading
  • improved IAA handling
  • fixed a bug that prevented state-saving of AUx
  • volume is enhanced
  • fixed a bug that could cause notes that are outside of the scale to be recorded
  • lots of additional bugfixes and improvements

Video: microGranny’s First Date with Modstep

Video description:

“I was on SuperBooth this year for creating video content. More gear news will coming soon. Please support me on Patreon if you enjoy my content:

Bastl Instruments Microgranny 2 is a hardware granular sampler. In this video i want to show the integration to Modstep App. In this jam I mapped the parameters with Midi CC to Modstep and I use only this X Y Pads. In a second date, I will use automation with Modstep and Microgranny. A template will be available in the next update of Modstep.”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

Modstep on the app store:

Video: modstep video contest

Video description:

“Make a video with modstep and win hardware & apps!

Show us how you use modstep on stage, in the studio, on the train, at the beach, in your bedroom or wherever else you like to make music and win a Korg Volca Sample and a meeblip anode as the first prize!

On top of that, the 5 best videos get to win a nice collection of apps from Elastic Drums, ZMORS Modular, Triqtraq, Blamsoft, Arturia and Sugar Bytes (Effectrix, Egoist, WOW, Turnado and Cyclop).

Click here for more info:

Video published by modstep.

modstep on the app store:

modstep is small, perfectly formed and has some very cool new templates

Here’s what’s new …

A smaller update containing mainly bugfixes and a bunch of new Templates:

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to IAA apps stopping playback after a while.
  • Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to change the recording status after loading / creating a session.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to automations being deleted when recording.
  • the ADSR Pickers on the Sampler & Synth can now be recorded and automated again.
  • iOS 7 support is back (we recommend updating to iOS 9)
  • IAA apps that are not currently loaded are shown with a grey icon again.
  • Added the possibility to start & stop the selected clip via the clip button in the main menu bar. To access the quick access window to jump to different clips, a long tap is required.
  • A track that is being soloed will not send a global note-off upon soloing anymore.
  • Added new Templates for Korg Gadgets (thanks GoNeKrAzY!), Novation Circuit, Moog Model 15, Shoom and Korg Volca FM

modstep on the app store:

Video Tutorial: Using the Step Sequencer in modstep

Video description:

“Jakob Haq explains how to use the Step Sequencer in modstep to create melodies, to manipulate them in many different ways, or to start jamming with note repeat and the keyboard or pads.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

modstep on the app store:

Video: Tutorial: Using the Piano Roll in modstep

Video description:

“Jakob Haq explains how to use the Piano Roll in modstep.”

Video published by modstep.

modstep on the app store:

Synthtopia videos from SuperBooth 16 … Musik App Manufaktur alliance

Apps in the Musik App Manufaktur alliance:

zMors Modular
Elastic Drums

A feast of modstep tutorials!

modstep is without a doubt of the most fully featured sequencer apps around right now, but it is complex and very deep. There’s a huge amount you can do with it and there’s a huge amount you might not know about.

Which is why these videos are really useful …

If you’re getting to grips with modstep hopefully these will help, and if you don’t have the app hopefully you can see just how good it is.

modstep on the app store:

modstep 1.1 arrives and includes AU support and much more

Here’s what’s new in Modstep 1.1

New Features:

  • Audio Unit support: use AU instruments and effects in modstep
  • new Plugin-Browser: Drag and drop internal Instruments, AUs or IAAs to any of the Tracks.
  • new Plugin-Chain per Track:: combine Internal Instruments, Audio Units and IAAs and add unlimited Insert FX per Track
  • new MIDI – IO-Section per Track allows quick & easy setup of MIDI Port & Channel routings for each track.
  • added Master FX Chain
  • new Settings-Popups for Clips, Scenes & Tracks – available via Long-Tap.
  • Global Scale: use one Scale throughout all Tracks in your Session (optional per track)
  • Clips now show a preview of the notes inside their current Pattern.
  • Patterns now show a preview of their notes.
  • when deleting a Clip you will now have to confirm the deletion by tapping twice.
  • added optional ‘Enter Clip Shortcut’ – if activated, all clips will show a button that allows to quickly open the clip in its related sequencer page.
  • added variable grid-size in Piano Roll (1/48 – 1bar)
  • studiomux is now able to send audio data to modstep (e.G. to mix or process through FX)
  • modstep can now receive audio via Audiobus (to mix / process)
  • Added Arrangement options:
  • Scene follow: Automatically starts the next scene after the current one finishes.
  • Scene Loops: set the Scene to loop X times (or unlimited) before the next one starts
  • Clip Loops: set the Clip to loop X times (or unlimited)
  • Scale per Scene: Change the Global Scale per Scene
  • Tempo per Scene: Change the tempo for each Scene
  • MIDI file import & export
  • new MIDI file browser in the main file-menu.
  • added MIDI indicators
  • AudioShare import for the Sampler
  • new global Keyboard with Pads and velocity to easily play all of your tracks onscreen.
  • Audiobus destination support
  • over 20 new MIDI Templates
  • added metronome
  • you may now decide which of the tracks should record audio.


  • Notes entered in Drum and Melody mode are not shared anymore (when switching modes, the other modes notes will not play or be shown anymore)
  • Drum / Melody mode do not change the Piano Rolls touch-behaviour anymore.
  • added Draw-mode toggle to change the Piano Rolls touch-behaviour in either mode.

Bugfixes & improvements:

  • fixed occasional note drop-outs
  • improved timing of internal Sampler & Synth to be sample accurate
  • improved audio-recordings to be seamless loops
  • Export and Import of CCs, Chords and Pads works now
  • fixed panning bug in the Sampler.
  • Velocity in Piano Roll and Step Sequencer was fixed
  • CCs were blocked by selected CCs
  • several smaller bug- and crash-fixes as well as small usability enhancements

Modstep on the app store: