Intermorphic is 10 today

I’ve known about the work that Intermorphic have been doing for longer than 10 years, but today they celebrate their decade. That’s an impressive achievement. Ten years is a long time in the mobile world and not many people can lay claim to the same.

They’ve made some amazing apps, Mixtikl, Noatikl, Wotja, and liptikl. But I go back longer than that and remember where they started with miniMIXA for Windows Mobile.

I hope that Intermorphic have a long and positive future ahead. They already have big plans for 2017, and if you want to know more about what’s coming and also what’s gone before then you should read the interview I did with them at the very end of 2016.

Well done chaps, and all the best for 2017 and beyond!

miniMIXA V3: Interesting comments …

There’s been an interesting exchange of comments on Tim Cole’s blog regarding the forthcoming V3 release of miniMIXA. It looks like the app is really moving from strength to strength.

Here’s the Q&A exchange:

Q … so does this mean that miniMIXA now can be used like a “lite” multitrack recorder to pull basic demo song ideas together on the move?

A … Yes, V3 will allow that. It is not a sequencer (yet!) though, bu t it is still handy for jamming some cool ideas in the moment when you just have your phone with you.

Q … When can I start using miniMIXA as an mobile guitar FX unit? Surely that can’t be too difficult now, with recording changes? You’ve had the FX unit stuff since V2, right? Then I’d just need a buffered 1/4 inch jack input on my PDA. That would be *too cool*!!!

A … Well, you should also be able to have a bit of fun with that in V3. But, don’t expect your mobile device to have audio latency better than 50-100ms, so it is still worth investing in a MicroBr

miniMIXA X-Y Pad update

More on the upcoming X-Y Pad feature for miniMIXA from the Colartz Blog

“The XY pad (seen in the YouTube video clip) is only available for the filter unit within the FXM Editor. It is really still beta as it takes a little while to load – but it is great fun. The powerful FXM Editor for advanced users may continue to be included within miniMIXA++, or made available separately as an add-on.”

miniMIXA V3 update

Well, from comments on Tim Cole’s blog it sounds like miniMIXA V3 will be available to buy direct although there is no launch date as yet.

miniMIXA V3 microphone recording and synching coming soon in V3!

Well it seems like there’s a new version of miniMIXA on the horizon, and with it, some new and exiting features. Here’s what Tim Cole’s blog says about what they’ve been doing.

“Well, we are now getting very close to nailing miniMIXA V3. One of the important things we have been asked for, and so we wanted to get in, was synching of microphone recordings. Well, we have done it . What that means is that you now get a count in period before you make a microphone recording – so you can get ready for your take. You can set how many bars you want this to be and how many bars you want to record for, as well as a system latency factor (as all mobile devices have different capabilities) – and the recording then synchs to the bar boundary. It is really useful and great fun!

The miniMIXA++ product will also include an autoloop recording feature. This means you can do take after take and only keep the take when you think you have nailed it.

This feature addition will make it much easier to use miniMIXA for capturing ideas on a mic, maybe as you are riffing or jamming to a background groove. You could then even sing/jam, record and sync harmonies on top.”

Sounds good, let’s see what it looks like when it arrives.

miniMIXA on WM6 – New Video

This is a great bit of video of minMIXA in action.

SYPC Mobile Mashup course launch with miniMIXA

Here’s a good post of Tim Cole’s blog about the launch of a course on miniMIXA at Slough Young People’s Centre. I think it is fantastic that stuff like this is springing up.

The launch was covered by BBC Radio 1Extra which means it has got really wide coverage. Let’s hope it is just the start of something big.

Upgrade time

All my Pocket PC apps have been running on a Jornada 568 for a very long time now. Finally I’ve decided to upgrade and get some more power behind them, especially the more recent apps that need the power.

So, I’ve ordered a Dell Axim 51. I’m hoping that the 500mhz will be more than enough power to keep all these apps going, we’ll wait and see.

Just so as you know, here’s what I run on Pocket PC / Windows Mobile:

  • Griff
  • Syntrax
  • MilkyTracker
  • Phoenix Studio
  • Pocket Jam
  • miniMIXA
  • Audio Box
  • Stomp Box

In addition, I’m running StyleTap with Bhajis Loops and Microbe, so it should be interesting to see how all these fit together with the Axim.

Lots of things happening over at miniMIXA

There have been a few notes out from Tim Cole about the site consolidation at Tao. It seems that miniMixa is evolving into a platform which will comprise a variety of new applications:

miniMIXA Application Suite

The intent miniMIXA suite of modular, commercial quality applications, provide powerful and easy-to-use music and media mixing software applications (including the BAFTA award winning mobile music mixer) for smartphones, Pocket PC / PDA and XP desktop, comprising:

  • miniMIXA RingtoneDJ
  • miniMIXA MusicDJ
  • miniMIXA MoBlogger

Here’s a little bit more about each.

miniMIXA™ RingtoneDJ

miniMIXA™ RingtoneDJ provides an easy to use, personalised ringtone mixer.

  • Easy to use interface lets users mix, save and perform their own great sounding audio or MIDI ringtone
  • Range of over 20 different global, high quality live sound FX including reverb, chorus, filter, compressor, EQ, delay
  • Up to 12 independent audio channels: each with volume control, track FX, loop on/off
  • Key presses or Navkey are used to create and control mixes simply, quickly and easily
  • User configurable key press and navkey operation for maximum flexibility, e.g. loop on/off, select content, track fx
  • Content formats include audio, MIDI and modular synthesizer, depending on configuration
  • Auto pitch-shift & time-stretch allow mixing and matching of content “on the fly” from different MIXApaks
  • High quality user selectable output in mono or stereo, and up to CD quality (device dependent)
  • Audio & MIDI recordings can be emailed, depending on configuration & content
  • Recordings include audio, MIDI, key strokes and microphone (users can make and mix in their own per-track mic recordings)

miniMIXA™ MusicDJ (this one is most like the current miniMixa as far as I can tell)

miniMIXA™ MusicDJ turns a mobile phone into a portable recording studio, enabling the delivery of advanced personalised interactive music services and live ‘DJ’ performances.

  • Powerful, yet easy to use UI lets prosumers and DJs create, mix, sequence & perform 12 track music on a mobile
  • 4 cells can be sequenced, locked and triggered for each of the audio channels
  • Each track features a volume control, track FX and track rules including spot cell, randomise and shuffle
  • Columns of cells can be looped / soloed, and allow up to 48 samples to be loaded simultaneously (memory dependent)
  • Range of over 20 different global, high quality live sound FX including reverb, chorus, filter, compressor, EQ, delay
  • Content formats include audio, MIDI and modular synthesizer, depending on configuration
  • Manual and auto pitch-shift & time-stretch allow mixing and matching of content “on the fly” from different MIXApaks
  • High quality user selectable output in mono or stereo, and up to CD quality (device dependent)
  • Real time Sound FX and Synth sound editor tool
  • Recordings include Audio, MIDI and microphone (users can make and mix in their own mic recordings)

miniMIXA™ MoBlogger

miniMIXA™ MoBlogger turns a mobile phone into a powerful, easy to use mobile blogger enabling users to create stunning, high quality video blogs on their phone from a range of multimedia elements. Order selected images and video clips and choose transitions, perhaps record some accompanying personal voice commentary, maybe add in a backing music track to create a mood and even apply some “spot” sound FX for fun. Then export the resulting multimedia production to a video clip.

  • Lets a user easily create and preview stunning, high quality video blogs on their phone
  • User can select and time order images and video clips, record multiple independent voice commentaries, add backing music and apply multiple “spot” sound FX, depending on product configuration
  • Includes over 20 user selectable image transitions including fades, wipes, checkerboard, cross fades
  • “Ducking” compressor makes for “pro” voice overs, through attenuating backing track level according to mic recording level
  • User adjustable volume levels, global transitions etc. and range of user configurable options
  • Resulting multimedia production is exported to a video clip, format depending on miniMIXA configuration
  • Supports add on theme packs (MIXApaks) including sound FX, animations, backing tracks, images, video clips and picture frames
  • Exported video clip can be uploaded to UGC site, depending on product configuration/integration
  • FX and backing track audio formats can include audio, MIDI and synth; user backing music tracks could be made with MusicDJ or RingtoneDJ

Although I could find no way to access any of these applications as yet, they sound very impressive indeeed. If you try going to the store on the site it doesn’t seem to be there, so there is no current way to even buy the previous version of miniMIXA, I am hoping that these new apps will be available to download and buy rather than just be available to hardware vendors. It would be a shame if they weren’t made available to purchase.

I’ll see what else I can find out…

minMixa ported to Palm OS

An anonymous post on Palm Sounds says that miniMixa is to get a port over to Palm OS. This would be brilliant news if it could be confirmed…

any comments from Tao Group?