Both midiSTEPs & midiLFOs get AB3 and more

As a fan of Art Kerns work for a long time I’m glad to see both of these get the AB3 treatment and more in these updates. Here’s what’s new:


  • AudioBus 3 support
  • Multi-channel MIDI input via AB3
  • AB state save
  • AB mute triggers
  • Overdub mode, live MIDI note input overwrites current step
  • Easier access to no-record/thru mode
  • Misc. bug fixes and improvements



  • Ableton Link support
  • AudioBus 3 support
  • AB state saving
  • Bluetooth MIDI configuration
  • Remove slide animation
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements



midiSTEPs – midi step sequencer toy 1.5 arrives and is awesome

midiSTEPs is cool, that’s a given. Version 1.5 is cooler. It’s really awesome. Here’s the full list of what’s new …

  • iOS 10 update
  • Added Ableton Link support
  • Added AU effects support
  • Added multiple audio outs via AB or IAA
  • Added email/airdrop set sharing
  • Added Bluetooth MIDI support
  • Added MIDI program change support
  • Added AU/CC parameter lock midi map
  • Added ability to trigger steps with midi note or other notes from other part
  • Added more per step probability options: skip, tie, accent, reset
  • Changed randomize pattern to use only visible keys for better results
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

Video:0:22 / 3:02 MeeBlip SE ver 1.31 and midiSTEPs Jam – haQ attaQ DIY

Video description:

“Sequencing MeeBlip with midiSTEPs!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

midiSTEPs on the app store:

midiSTEPs 1.2 is here

midiSTEPs 1.2 arrives. Here’s what’s new:

In edit step hold mode, you can now switch between steps by tapping them

  • Audio Unit Instrument hosting improvements
    • Supports presets and saving user patches outside AU’s own interface
    • AU window is now movable
    • Improved compatibility with newer AUs
    • Stability of AUs is good now. More AU features are planned…
  • Bug fixes
    • iOS 8 crash with Sound parts fixed
    • MIDI input was octave off, now fixed
    • AU list was buggy with multiple AUs, now fixed
    • Hanging notes in certain situations fixed
    • Pattern link didn’t work with pattern popup window, fixed
    • Max value for random and length automation bugs, fixed
    • “Save” has been renamed “Sets” to clarify it isn’t a save button
    • Misc display glitches, fixed

And more is on the way from Mr Art Kerns