What does Palm Linux mean for audio?

So what does the new Palm Linux based OS mean for music making and audio applications? Will it mean that apps like Audacity will be easier to port over to the PDA? Will it mean easier development for new palm applications? Or, will it mean that existing apps will need to be re-written for another version of the OS meaning cost and time for developers but with little benefit?

Palm’s new OS?

So Palm announce today that they have been working on their own new OS based on a linux kernel. This leaves me with lots of questions.

  • When will palm bring out new hardware and will it have the new OS on it?
  • How compatible will old apps be with the new OS?
  • Will the new OS give new musical possibilities?
  • Will a linux kernel mean it is easier to port existing linux music apps to the new palm OS?

I’m sure that more details will appear as the days go on, and I dare say that there will be lots of speculation on how this new OS will change the palm ecosystem.

Audacity on Palm OS – Not going to happen

Well, at least I got an answer. Doesn’t look like it will happen on the Palm OS. There are reasons why it can work on Linux. This is what I got back from the Audacity team.

“The processor isn’t important, what matters is having the right
libraries available to run audacity. This is easy for the Trinity device
because it runs Linux, and we can use wxGTK to build audacity, which
depends on the wxwidgets application toolkit:

This isn’t available for PalmOS currently, so this would need to become
available for running audacity on PalmOS to be viable. You would also
need a machine with enough disc space to do anything useful – 500MB of
free hard drive space is a bare minimum, and significant CPU power do do
processing of audio.”

Thanks for responding. I appreciate it if a little disappointed. Never mind.

Music thing: Portable, Linux-powered all-in-one recording box

Music thing: Portable, Linux-powered all-in-one recording box

This is an interesting piece of hardware. Not from the point of view of the hardware itself, but from the perspective of the software that is being ported to run on it.

According to the article in Linuxdevices.com Audacity is being ported to run on an Arm processor for this device.

Now, if the chaps at Audacity can do that for this Arm processor, then why not one in a Palm device?

I think it is worth asking the question and seeing if there’s a way that they could use Audacity on a standard Palm.

Why do it? Well, Audacity is a fairly good multitrack recorded with plug in facilities. If you could run that on your palm then the sky’s the limit.

I’ve been after a palm based multitrack for years. I think I’m going to have to contact them and ask the question. I’ll post back as and when I get a response.

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