Video: Korg gadget live track 9 ‘Forward sheet’

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Video: Korg Gadget Le – Free Version of Gadget Workstation

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

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Korg Gadget wins MIPA 2016 Best Mobile Music App

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Well this is great news, and, very well deserved to. I’m sure lots of you have already seen this, but I wanted to highlight this as it really is quite a big deal. My guess is that for a lot of people Gadget really is just the best Mobile Music app around. It’s struck that balance between being accessible to someone who can work their way around a sequencer and providing enough variation so that you can realise your ideas with the app.

But one thing I find interesting is that Korg hasn’t gone down the IAA and even the AU route as yet. Now this might well be on the roadmap, as no one knew that it was going to get MIDI treatment before it happened. I think that could make for quite an interesting ‘Pro’ mode or similar.

What’s certain though is that Korg’s Gadget is going to go from strength to strength and, on a personal note, I find it to be one of the best mobile music apps around.

Korg Gadget on the app store:

Korg Gadget is also available as an LE (limited edition) version for free.

Here’s the test from the original email announcing their award win:

“KORG Gadget wins MIPA 2016 Best Mobile Music App
at Europe’s largest musical instrument trade show, Musikmesse

Journalists from over 100 dedicated music magazines around the world have selected KORG Gadget for the best Mobile Music App for 2015/2016 at the prestigious MIPA International Press Awards at the recent 2016 Musik Messe in Frankfurt Germany.

This continues Korg’s great success at MIPA awards over the years where we have won many awards for Best product in many different categories including Best Synthesiser, Best Workstation and Best Arranger. This year’s award for best Mobile Music App is great recognition for the outstandingly successful Gadget, currently one of the bestselling music apps in the Apple Store.”

Music: KORG GADGET: Crescent Prism – April Fools

Video description:

“I spend about 347 days working on this song please dont criticize it because i spent alot of time working on this song and if you like it please remember to like and suscribe and share this song with your close family members have a gud day thnks and please enjoy”

Video published by Anthony Seeha.

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Video: KORG Gadget Advanced MIDI input setup – haQ attaQ 133

Video description:

“Latest KORG Gadget Update brings Advanced MIDI input routing! check this tutorial!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

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KORG Gadget 2.1 arrives

Korg’s flagship app gets better and better. Here’s what’s in version 2.1:

  • Support for nanoKEY/KONTROL Studio: automatic optimal MIDI assignment after wireless connection is made, Gadget specific “KORG Native Mode” control
  • Increased MIDI functionality: Advanced mode control for setting MIDI channels and devices
  • Improved latency settings: Detailed settings for audio latency are now available
  • Sharing with iCloud, and an improved user interface for GadgetCloud
  • Fixed an error that caused a crash during remote installs
  • Fixed error that prevented audio input from Dropbox
  • Fixed error that caused timeout error during Gadget restore
  • Fixed error that sometimes caused GadgetCloud to crash
  • Fixed “order by date” error in song list display
  • Other enhancements to make the program easier to use

Video: KORG GADGET: FAIL SAFE – Anthony Seeha

Video description:

“I tried making a song with no chord progressions and focused on rhythms and melodies to make it interesting. Please enjoy! =)”

Video published by Anthony Seeha.

Gadget on the app store:

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