minijam studio – portable music machines arrives on Kickstarter, from the makers of Patchblocks


You might remember me talking about Patchblocks, originally when the hardware first launched, then again when they crowdfunded for equity. Now they’re back on Kickstarter with a whole new set of hardware. The mini jam studio. You can find it on Kickstarter now, and it’s already doing well. You can also listen to below:

dadamachines arrives on Kickstarter and is already funded!

I saw these amazing machines at MMM2017 just a few weeks ago and was pretty taken with them. Then I had no idea that they were going to be available on Kickstarter. That is, not until I got an email from Johannes Lohbihler a few days ago, and today they’ve launched on and they’re funded already!

So go take a look at the campaign page here. You’ll be hearing more about dadamachines, believe me.

The Hyve Touch Synth launches on Kickstarter!

It may have been a bit quiet for a while, but the Hyve synth has now launched on Kickstarter and already gone beyond its $20,000 goal! Which is great news. If you want to check out the kickstarter campaign, you can find it here. There’s a range of different levels to back the synth at, and fully complete version is very lovely indeed. Go take a look.

Video: Introducing Mogees Play

Video description:

“Back Mogees Play on Kickstarter Now!

Video published by Mogees.

Update on the KDJ-One

It’s been a while since there’s been much news on the KDJ-One, but today they’ve posted to Kickstarter on where they are. Here’s what they say …

“Dear backers,
We have finally completed our test with the board. There were various technical issues concerning the powers and noises that had to be dealt in order to create a machine that is not a proto type but a machine for production but these are now all cleared. There was an issue where playing back a note with high polyphony making the program process busy but now this is fixed and the notes can be played very smoothly.
Now as the next phase, we are testing the radiation level called the FCC tests. Currently there are more radiation emitted from the machine than the desired level specified by regulations and we are trying to decrease it down to the level applicable to it. With various tests, we have already found that these radiations are mainly caused from the LCD panels and we are trying to shield these out. Our partner is currently in discussions with the LCD panel manufacturers.
Also a molding for the chassis is to be proceeded at the same time.
We are still expecting delays with the project and deeply apologize for not meeting the schedules. We are trying our best to finish all these works in 2 months, start the manufacturing, and finally ship the product in spring. We will post an update again when we have a progress on either the FCC tests or the chassis and update the expected schedules for manufacturing and shipping.”

So whilst they’re late it looks like they’re not going to let people down, which is good to know.