Buttercup Bitcrush brings Audio Unit support in version 1.1

Buttercup Bitcrush gets updated to version 1.1 and brings us:

  • DSP improvements.
  • Native presets
  • Audio Unit support

Buttercup Bitcrush on the app store:

AUFX range coming as Audio Units?

Well so it would seem. According to this tweet anyway …

Of course that would be excellent, but my guess is that there may be a little wait as Mr Liljedahl gets through all the other projects he’s got on the go at the moment.

KQ MiniSynth 1.3 adds AU and more

Having just put up that page on Audio Units I noticed that KQ MiniSynth has also been updated (in version 1.3) and now supports Audio Unit hosts. So I need to update that page again!

Anyway, here’s what’s new inΒ KQ MiniSynth:

  • Supports Audio Unit Extension
  • You can send Patches via Mail
  • Presets changed a little
  • Fixed VPF Resonance/Width issue
  • Fixed other bugs

So, about AU then …

This is an interesting discussion on the AB forum about AU and why, or at least a series of views on why, it might not be such a big thing for developers as yet.

Of course, this could change, things do change quite a lot in the iOS world.

NS1 – Virtual Analog Synth Audio Unit arrives


Well at last we have another AU to add to the list (yeah, the list is coming soon I promise). So here’s all you need to know about NS1.

NS1 is a simple and intuitive virtual analog subtractive synthesizer. It works as an Audio Unit extension inside a host application such as GarageBand or MultitrackStudio. The clean interface consisting of knobs and XY pads lets you easily dial in and experiment with sounds.

Key features:

  • Oscillator combinations consisting of triangle, square and sawtooth waveforms
  • Separate noise oscillator
  • Envelope modulates pitch, filter cutoff and square oscillator pulse width
  • LFO modulates pitch, filter cutoff and square oscillator pulse width
  • XY pads for expressive control
  • Filter modes: LP, HP, BP
  • Stereo delay effect
  • Voice modes: monophonic, polyphonic, legato, glide
  • Preset management inside the app

NS1 costs $9.99 on the app store:

Video: IOS AU: Blamsoft F-16 Filter and Arturia Minibrute

Video description:

“Blamsoft F-16 Filter is a new IOS Audio Unit. Attention this Audio Unit is not an app but only an AU which work only with Apps which work with IOS Audio Unit Effects.”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

Blamsoft F-16 Filter on the app store:

Video: Garageband for iPad, New Featues, Using Audio Units

Garageband on the app store:

So why is iSEM the only Audio Unit compatible app?

Having started this discussion about pulling together a page to contain a list of available AU compatible synths / instruments it appears that there really is only one! It seems very strange to me, and it wouldn’t be much of a list either.

So, if I’ve got it wrong, please let me know

iPhone :Not OSX in your hand after all…

So it turns out that you won’t be able to run third party applications on the iPhone after all. That is a big shame indeed.

Check out TUAW:

“The OS isn’t going to be “OS X for real.” It’s more like a pseudo-OS X and, like the iPod, it will not have a public API and open development.”

This is a real let down. No Garageband for iPhone, no pocket Logic.

Perhaps things will change in the future, maybe they’ll open it up at a later stage. I can hope about that can’t I.

iPhone – OSX in your hand?

Well, it surpassed my expectations completely. The idea of having a device that is as small as a phone and yet is able to run desktop class applications is fantastic. The hardware is amazing and the way it is integrated into the OS is very smart indeed. I think that this is the real day of the “smartphone”.

If Apple can give us a device that will truly run OSX in your hand, what does that mean for mobile music? Perhaps a handheld version of Garageband? A phone version of Logic? Why not?

The ability to use a phone like this to access top quality music applications must be realised. I think that this is a fantastic opportunity to take the handheld music world forward.

Well done Apple, can’t wait to get one!