So we have to wait a bit longer for Gadget for macOS, and that’s ok.

And of course the corresponding iOS update too. It’s a shame, but then these things do happen, and, probably like many of you, I’d rather have a stable version in another few weeks rather than bugs on day one. Reasonable?

When you think about it Korg are doing something pretty amazing and in some ways revolutionary. They’ve gone from a mobile app back to the desktop, and in the process creating an amazing holistic system for creating music wherever you are. Being that it’s Korg we expect this level of sophistication hand in hand with simplicity as the norm. But doing this is hard and perhaps even harder than they’d expected.

So we’ll wait. Late March isn’t too bad after all. It’ll come around soon enough.

More information emerges about Korg Gadget for Mac

Tim from Disschord gets the scope on the latest information on Gadget for Mac. Here are all the details:

  • Award winning KORG Gadget currently iOS only will soon be available for Mac.
  • The ultimate Gadget collection includes all of the more than 30 gadgets.
  • Intuitive and simple operation that delivers powerful music production.
  • Power users can get back to the basics, beginners can jump right into great music making.
  • Takes advantage of the large screen with a single-window four-split (divided in four) screen design.
  • Comes with “Gadget Plug-in Collection,” a magnificent collection of plug-ins that support AU, VST, AAX, and NKS (*1).
  • Two new gadgets provide long-awaited audio recording.
  • A new powerful drum gadget with 16 pads.
  • Supports the latest technology including Allihoopa, Ableton Link, and Bluetooth MIDI.
  • Seamless connection between KORG Gadget for iOS and KORG Gadget for Mac enables a smooth workflow so you can produce music anytime and anywhere.
    (*1) NKS will be available in the future version.

In addition, KORG Gadget for iOS version 3 will also be available February 28 and features the long-awaited Audio Track recording and playback. These gadgets elevate KORG Gadget into the realm of a true all-in-one production studio.

Release date: February 28, 2017 (Tuesday Japan time)
Regular Price: $299 -> Introductory Special Price: $199 (Limited Time only)
Purchase available via download at the new KORG SHOP (new site opening soon)

As Tim points out this isn’t cheap. You could pay $199 for Logic Pro X (on the app store). But then again this is desktop territory and not mobile. Prices are higher, and on the whole I’m not sure it’s bad value at all.

What’s more interesting is that Korg have chosen to release it via their own store and not Apple’s Mac App store. Obviously doing it this way means that they can secure an additional 30% that Apple would have taken, but what will be interesting is how they manage updates and versions.

But there’s less than three weeks to go before it lands now, so not long to wait.

Video: KORG GADGET: Slowmotion (Anthony Seeha Remix)

Video description:

“Nothing says “Slowmotion” like 170 BPM…
Here’s my remix of the Slowmotion demo song for Korg Gadget! Please enjoy! =)”

Video published by Anthony Seeha.

Korg Gadget on the app store:

Video: Ableton Link Demo: TF7 Synth + Gadget + Loopy

Video description:

TF7 now works with Gadget and Loopy via Ableton Link and Audiobus!”

Video published by Pier Lim.

TF7 Synth on the app store:

Gadget on the app store:

Loopy on the app store:

A little more evidence for Gadget on the iPhone


Just in the left hand of this photo you can see about half of an iPhone, and it looks suspiciously like Gadget running on it.

I got the photo from a tweet from SonicState at NAMM. Hopefully this is just another bit of evidence that it is actually coming.

It looks real to me, how about you?

gadget proof

A big thank you to the commenter on my earlier post, who found this image which seems to reaffirm the launch of a version of Gadget for the iPhone. The image above is from a this page on the Korg site about the nanoKey Studio. March is a long time to wait for it, but I still have really high hopes that it is for real.