Frum arrives as a new universal Drum Synth for iOS

A new drum synth is always welcome of course, so Hello Frum! Nice to meet you, from what I can see though this little drum synth doesn’t have AB, IAA, or Link. Perhaps that will come in time. It does however seem to have more of a focus on sharing tracks within the app itself. Let’s see how that goes.

For now here’s the app’s description:

• • • Special offer to celebrate our first app launch for a limited time!!! • • •

Unlocking new potentials of FM synthesis.

Frum is a radically new FM Drum Synthesizer, incubated after many years of research and development into FM synthesis. You may imagine FM sounds to be clear and harmonic, but those are just the start of the possibilities FM has to offer. More potential is unleashed by harnessing the unlimited, free power of complex sound waves.

Close sound encounters of the third kind.

Traditionally, FM synths are overwhelming, with too many parameters to control the sound texture. Frum bundles many of these parameters together in the BUG button, offering entirely new textures each time the button is pressed. It’s easy to find and tweak these sounds to make drums, other percussion, fat bass, organic noises such as insect songs, environmental sounds, human screams, as well as all sorts of intriguing melodies.


  • The sounds are at your fingertips.
    With Frum, we had to rethink the existing UI design for hardware and software synthesizers, bringing the power of FM to the iOS touch screen. The vertically scrolling sequencer allows you to enjoy single-handed, stress-free control of the UI.
  • Rearrange blocks to compose music.
    Entire songs can be composed by rearranging pattern blocks with your fingers. Complex arrangements and organisation is possible with the user having control over song name, pattern block colors, loop counts and durations.
  • Share your song on the timeline.
    From incorporates SNS technology, allowing you to listen to hot new tracks from around the world, as soon as somebody shares them. Let people know what you think, and get feedback on your own tracks, via the like button, and comments section.


  • Sound engine
    • Oscillators : FM/PM synth with 4 operators( sine, square, triangle )
    • Tracks : 4 ( can extend to 4×4 pads using the ‘Pad division’ function )
    • Filter : High, Band and Low pass filter
    • Effectors : Overdrive, Auto Pan
    • Features :
    • Generating BUG, Pad division, UNDO, REDO, Live edit, Save and load presets (factory/private)
  • Pattern Sequencer
    • Step resolution : 1/16
    • Maximum step: 64 (4 bars)
    • Features:
    • Gate input, Keyboard input, parameter input in Motion edit mode, Copy and paste, Step shift
  • Song (Pattern Block)
    • Maximium patterns : 150
    • Pattern Block Properties : Name, Color, Loop count, Mute
    • Features :
    • Drag & drop, Duplicate, Delete, Delete All
  • Settings
    • BPM Stepper
    • Mixer : 4 track volume faders + 1 master volume fader with a limiter
    • Other Features :
    • Shuffle, Mute, Pad Division, Pad sound switch, and so on
  • Other functions
    • SNS (Timeline, Popular, Recommended, Demo)
    • Account management, Account synchronization, Create account

Frum is on the app store today for $2.99: