Video: Fong Phone Walk Through

Video description:

“The Fong Phone is a mobile synthesizer you can install on your Android and IOS devices. This walk through will demonstrate the features of the Fong Phone and give you an idea of how you can use it freak out your neighbors and create cool ambient tracks for relaxation.”

Video published by chris wininger.

Fong Phone on the app store:

For $0.99 FongPhone looks like excellent value


FongPhone brings the power and chaos of classic analog synthesis to your iPhone or iPad in digital form. Two Fong controls combined with a variety of voices and effects will have you sounding like a 70s psychedelic synth guru in no time.

  • Easy to play, expressive Fong controls with a variety of sounds
  • Classic effects, including resonant filters, delay, portamento and more
  • Ability to save states for later use or for real time control
  • Looping tools, including unpredictable or static Chunky modes to give your play a different feel
  • Mapped or free modes allow you to play Fongs either within musical scales or in a freeform range allowing maximum expressiveness

FongPhone is universal and costs $0.99 on the app store:

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