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ICYMI: I interviewed Adrian Belew about his soundtrack for Pixar and his iOS apps

In case you did miss this the first time around, here’s my interview with Adrian Belew. We talked about his iOS apps (FLUX:FX and FLUX by Belew) and his soundtrack for the Pixar short ‘Piper’. Hope you find it interesting.

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PalmSounds talks to Adrian Belew about writing the soundtrack to Pixar’s ‘Piper’, Flux by Belew and FLUX:FX

I’ve been a fan of Adrian Belew’s work for a very long time, and when he started releasing iOS apps it was a great opportunity to understand more of his creative process. So it was amazing to get the chance to interview him and talk about his soundtrack for Pixar’s new short ‘Piper’, his unique ‘Flux by Belew’ app which contains a wealth of original content both audio and visual, and his ‘FLUX:FX’ apps which I’ve used extensively and have been very well received by the mobile music community.

Having never spoken to Adrian before it became apparent almost immediately that here was an artist who’s creative vision was truly phenomenal. Adrian’s ideas for ‘Flux by Belew’ span more than 3 decades, and when you use the app you can really appreciate that.

Adrian’s ‘FLUX:FX’ apps have expanded the creative horizons for a lot of mobile musicians, myself included. It’s an app with a huge amount of depth and superb possibilities, which Adrian described …

“There’s just nothing else that does what FLUX:FX does”, 

“…an amazing set of miracles in our pocket!”

“I love that idea, when you do the impossible”

And for the record I think he’s right. But it was interesting to know that “(he) was really enthralled by the idea that so much technology and ability could be put into an app and you could charge such a low price for something that would take you thousands of dollars to do if you had all the gear, and even then there’s no way to do it!”

But don’t just take my word for it, listen to the interview and hear what he has to say on all of these subjects:

If you don’t know these apps you should definitely take a look Flux by Belew (his app of constantly changing music, sounds and visuals), FLUX:FX (iPad version) and FLUX:FX play, his excellent FX apps for iOS. They’re all really worth checking out.

I hope you enjoy the interview, and a massive thank you to Adrian Belew for making time available to talk, it was a lot of fun for me!

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14 apps I love: 1 -Flux:FX

So here we got, the 14 apps I love, at least for today! And I’m starting with Flux:FX!

This is a relatively new app that I’ve added to my list of ones that I love. I only really recently started to explore it with some pieces I made using a Ukulele, the iRig Acoustic, a Mogees and of course Flux:FX Play.

Here are the pieces:

When I refer to FLUX:FX I’m actually referring to both versions, the iPhone and the iPad versions, both of which are excellent and give you the ability to create some truly amazing effects patches. I think I’ve only scratched the surface of this app, and I firmly believe that it has so much more to offer, so I’m looking forward to continuing to explore and enjoy its potential.

If you don’t know either the iPad or iPhone version then I can strongly recommend these to you.

FLUX:FX (iPad version) on the app store:

FLUX:FX Play (iPhone version) on the app store:

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Experimenting with Mogees and my Ukulele



These explorations were made using Audiobus with the Mogees app into Flux:FX Play (which is fast becoming my favourite FX app).

I’m really pleased with the outcomes, so I’m interested to hear what you think.