Video: AUM Demo: iSEM Heaven

Video description:

“This is a short video showing you how you can layer three IOS AU Arturia iSEM in one patch inside Kymatica AUM App coming on 24 February. You use the bus system to combine all signals and transport them to your effects, EQ and much more. With the interal Keyboard you easy play all three iSEM’s at once. In this video i used also Blamsoft F-16 Filter IOS AU App.”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

Video: IOS AU: Blamsoft F-16 Filter and Arturia Minibrute

Video description:

“Blamsoft F-16 Filter is a new IOS Audio Unit. Attention this Audio Unit is not an app but only an AU which work only with Apps which work with IOS Audio Unit Effects.”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

Blamsoft F-16 Filter on the app store:

F-16 Filter arrives for your iPad


Blamsoft brings F-16 Filter for your iPad. Here’s all you need to know …

F-16 Filter is a flexible multi-mode filter with frequency response display. It features sixteen modes, frequency and resonance controls, saturation for analog-style soft clipping, and wet/dry mix. The 4 pole lowpass mode provides the frequency response of classic the Moog ladder filter. The other modes provide all of the choices available in the famous Oberheim Matrix 12 and Xpander synthesizers. At the heart of F-16 is a Zero Delay Feedback algorithm, the latest in DSP filtering technology. F-16 Filter gives you a wide variety of filtering options with pristine fidelity.

F-16 Filter is an Audio Unit Extension that works inside host apps. Just open up your favorite host that supports Audio Units and add it as an effect. Blamsoft brings their experience creating top notch plug-ins for the desktop to iOS. The same filter modes are found in the popular Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. You get a desktop quality plug-in at an iOS friendly price.

In addition to controlling the filter through the knobs and sliders, you can use the frequency response display to control cutoff frequency and resonance simultaneously.

The sixteen filter modes available are:

  • 1, 2, 3, and 4 Pole Lowpass
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4, Pole Highpass
  • 2 and 4 Pole Bandpass
  • 2 Pole Notch
  • 3 Pole Phase
  • 2 Pole Highpass + 1 Pole Lowpass
  • 3 Pole Highpass + 1 Pole Lowpass
  • 2 Pole Notch + 1 Pole Lowpass
  • 3 Pole Phase + 1 Pole Lowpass

F-16 Filter on the app store:

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