Everest : Audio Looper 1.2 arrives

Everest : Audio Looper is a nice app and a good looper too. Here’s what’s new in the latest version of the app:

  • Added new optional controls:
    • A musical pitch shifting Keyboard Control: Change the speed and pitch of any loop in real time in semi-tone steps. Two octave keyboard will appear underneath each loop, if there is enough vertical space.
    • Touch-able Loop History: Instantaneously jump to any Recording or Edit in any loop’s edit/undo history. Supports all 16 undo levels. NOTE: This new control also requires enough vertical space on your device.
  • Added customizable MIDI settings: Generate, edit and automatically load a custom JSON file with all current MIDI controls re-mapped to your liking. Easily restore original settings as well via a new MIDI Settings sub-menu. NOTE: To access the JSON file connect your device to iTunes and access Everest’s documents. Now MIDI NoteOn and MIDI Control Change (cc) messages can be assigned to any existing MIDI control.
  • Various Fixes:
    • Updated to latest Audiobus API.
    • Fixed random issue with incompatibility between Multi-Route hardware mode and IAA/Audiobus.

Check out Everest : Audio Looper on the app store:

Everest : Audio Looper 1.1

Everest : Audio Looper 1.1 brings loads of new things …

New features:

  • Added support for multi-tasking. Everest can now run/open next to another app (only on devices that support multi-tasking).
  • New dedicated buttons for Rewind, Restart, and Pause.
  • Added selectable button configurations. Cycle through different sets and orders of buttons. Now smaller devices can get access to more buttons/controls during a performance.
  • Added Feedback and Quadraphonic panning controls. Use the new optional control switch in settings menu to display the two new controls on the main screen.
    • The new feedback knob controls the amount of signal regeneration on each loop iteration. Lower the feedback value and leave overdub on for delay-type effects.
    • The new quadraphonic panning control allows you to set the Left/Right pan position of each loop across two different output buses.
      General Improvements:
  • Improved audio quality of loop windowing and various functions (erase, restart, etc.) Now there are no audio pops or clicks when A) scrubbing through a loop, B) quickly changing the loop window/lengths, or C) pausing/erasing/undoing loops.
  • New cleaner volume slider.
  • New simpler global control buttons with a further simplified layout.
    Minor Fixes/Updates:
  • Resolved issue where some devices, by default, would not allow headphone jack output channels to be used in addition to a device connected to the lightning/dock connector.
  • Updated to latest version of Audiobus API.
  • Moved help menu access to the bottom of the Settings page/screen.

Everest : Audio Looper on the app store:

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