e-l-s-a 1.7.5 is a nice little update

I do like the apps that Mr Humbletune makes, and, although my favourites are most certainly nils and frevkens I still like messing about with e-l-s-a. So I’m looking forward to trying out these new features:

  • Adding wave oscilloscope.
  • Adding switch for core midi connections.
  • Minor arpeggio changes.

e-l-s-a gets a very big update with some awesome stuff, including Link

e-l-s-a gets a big update in version 1.7. Here’s what’s new:

  • New logo.
  • Adding anti click setting.
  • Adding keyboard hold function.
  • Adding bit crush rounding setting.
  • Adding bit crush wet setting.
  • Improving filter.
  • Adding filter wet setting.
  • Improving multi touch experience.
  • Adding info labels.
  • Updating in app help.
  • Adding Ableton Link support.
  • Fixing midi channel save bug

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