Sync, Dropbox and a reminder …

A post or perhaps a tweet from Tim at Discchord made me think about this over a few days and I thought it would be worth a quick post about it. We use cloud services all the time, or at least I do and I guess that many of you do too. I’m really interested in what people think the best, or rather, the easiest to use services are.

On the one hand I think that using services like dropbox or iCloud for sync between devices is really handy, and on the other I do like bespoke services like those used for non-music apps such as DayOne, or Things. The main benefit of bespoke services is that they’re designed to handle the specifics of an app’s data and events. The downside is that your data is often difficult to get out from a bespoke service, which is really one of the great reasons for an app to have a bespoke sync service.

On the other hand dropbox and other cloud services are more universal and at least mean that your data is your own. But the downside is that developers need to keep up with the APIs that these services deploy, and that is the current issue with dropbox. Dropbox has changed it’s API and if developers don’t update their apps soon they won’t keep working with dropbox.

So, developers, if you want to keep your users data working in dropbox, please update your apps with the latest API as soon as possible,

If you don’t currently use dropbox you can get signed up here and get an extra 500mb in your free account too.

Using BeatMaker 2 with dropbox

I don’t know if anyone else is doing this, or if it’s so obvious that I’m the last one to work it out. Anyway, the other day I realised that a project I was working on in Beatmaker 2 was just too much for my iPhone 4. So I decided to move it over to my iPad 3, which seemed to make good sense.

The only easy way I could think of doing it was to move the file up to dropbox and back down again, which worked like a dream (over wifi).

So if you run into that sort of problem, connect Beatmaker to dropbox to move stuff about.

Sorry if you’ve already been doing this for ages.

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

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