DM2 – The Drum Machine also updated to v1.5

DM1 updated and DM2 as well. Here’s what’s new:

DM2 is now fully MIDI mappable. More than 130 parameters can be easily controlled by an external MIDI controller : go to the SONG page. First tap the “MIDI” button to select a MIDI controller as a Note Input source. Then tap the “MIDI LEARN” button. You can now navigate through the pages, select a Map (a blue rectangle) and play any Note or CC message on your external MIDI controller. Close the MIDI MAP screen and off you go. Please note that some Maps (for instance the OSCILLATOR PITCH) can either be in Absolute or in Relative mode. This latter is particularly useful when you are using a MIDI controller with encoders. For that just tap the “RELATIVE” or “ABSOLUTE” button when it appears on a MIDI MAP.


The Audionomy Team

** NEW **

  • MIDI LEARN : more than 130 assignable MIDI parameters, with a “MIDI LEARN” mode (on the Song Page) for easy and fast Midi connections.
  • MIDI LEARN: one MIDI parameter can control multiple DM2 parameters.
  • MIDI LEARN : to clear a Midi-Learned DM2 parameter double-tap it in the Midi Learn page
  • AUDIOBUS 3 Compatible
  • IAA : reviewed & improved IAA sync with AUM, CUBASIS and GARAGEBAND.
  • DRUMS : a sound can now been saved and loaded separately as a USER sound. Tap “SOUNDS” on the DRUMS page, and open the LOAD popup.
  • DRUMS : simplified and unified SOUNDS popup


  • MIDI : added midi channel description text
  • METRONOME : metronome volume is adjusted to the mixer Main volume
  • DRUMS : when playing, all steps (including empty) do now flash

** FIXES **

  • DRUM KITS+SONGS : fixed some loading issues
  • DRUM KITS : when modifying a loaded kit, the current kit gets the name of the song
  • MIDI : fixed bug when playing more than 2 sounds at the same time from a remote midi source
  • IAA : fixed bug when connecting and playing in the background DM2 in AUM | AUDIOBUS
  • MIDI : fixed bug when playing more than 2 sounds at the same time from a remote midi source

DM2 on the app store:


DM2 – The Drum Machine 1.2 arrived and it’s big

DM2 – The Drum Machine hasn’t been around that long (May this year) and already we’re seeing pretty serious updates like this in version 1.2. Here’s what’s new:

  • DRUMS : You can save the current drum kit as a separate kit, in the drum kits list
  • DRUMS : You can now load a drum kit with or without its effects
  • DRUMS : You can now import and export a drum kit (iTunes folder, iCloud drive, Dropbox, etc)
  • DRUMS : The Pitch Modulation LFO has now 4 waves to choose from : Sin, Triangle, Sawtooth and Square. They can be synced to the tempo or not. They can triggered on each step or not. The settings are in the EDIT popup of the Pitch Modulation LFO.
  • FX: The Delay has a new PING PONG mode (in Master/Aux panel)
    + SONG : You can now import and export a song (iTunes folder, iCloud drive, Dropbox, etc)
  • AUDIO ENGINE: Improved Sequencer timing.
  • MIDI: PitchBend controls the Beat Repeat effect.
  • MIDI: New Midi engine, based on the Midibus Library.


  • SONG: fixed some Song loading issue.
  • FX: When in AUX mode some selected tracks were wrongly restored when opening the AUX panel.
  • FX: In AUX mode Phaser and Chorus were inverted.
  • FX: Compressor noise issue fixed.
  • AUDIO ENGINE: fixed audio clicks when solo/muting a track.
  • AUDIO ENGINE: fixed some audio “slowness” on first step when starting DM2.
  • AUDIO ENGINE: fixed some clicks on switching STEREO track on or off.
  • AUDIO ENGINE: Pan settings not correctly restored.
  • AUDIO ENGINE: with older iPad models (before iPad Air) remove AudioCopy export for compatibility issues.


  • Updated Library: AudioCopy 3.4.
  • Updated Library: LibPd 0.10
  • Updated Library: Audiobus 2.3.2

DM2 1.1 brings new features, updates and fixes

Yep, this is a really big update for DM2. There’s a lot here. So if you don’t know DM2 then maybe now is a good time to take a look.

  • STEPS : [NEW] Steps Divisions (single | duplet | triplet | quadruplet)
  • DRUMS : [NEW] When “Oscillator Note“ is selected (in Oscillator Waveform Zoom), all tracks have their frequency aligned to discreet note frequency (making more musical drum kits)
  • MIXER : [FIXED] The Mixer Main Volume has been tempered with a linear response (beware, previous songs may sound quieter but with less saturation).
  • PADS : [AMENDED] Record with Replace mode will only clear once a played track. Switch back and forth Replace if you need to clear more tracks while recording.
  • PADS : [AMENDED] When HOLD is on, tapping the same Beat Repeat pad will switch the effect on/off.
  • PADS : [FIXED] lagging sounds when recording
  • DRUMS : [AMENDED] zoomed graphed are now embedded in the page and can stay up as “outside” parameters (selected track, steps, osc/noise mix, level, etc) are changed
  • DRUMS : [AMENDED] added a proper “zoom” button
  • DRUMS : [AMENDED] added a proper “close” button in the zoomed graphs
  • MIXER : [ADDED] tap the name of a track to open a popup with the sounds associated to this track
  • UI : [AMENDED] Buttons colour code reviewed (blue=action | orange=state)
  • SONG : [NEW] added export to Audioshare
  • SONG : [NEW] added export to AudioCopy
  • SONG : [NEW] added export to SoundCloud
  • SONG : [NEW] added export to iTunes
  • SONG : [NEW] added export to Open In
  • MIXER : [NEW] added Mute button
  • MIDI : [AMENDED] Midi notes can be sent and received while Link is connected

Video: DM2 TRAP Style Drums Tutorial – haQ attaQ 156

Video description:

“DM2 TRAP Style Drums Tutorial! A step by step tutorial where I am making Trap style drum-sounds from scratch. DM2 by Audionomy is awesome thanks to it being a drum-synthesizer and not a drum-sampler.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

DM2 on the app store:

DM2 gets its first update and it’s pretty good too

Here’s what’s new in DM2 version 1.0.2:

  • STEPS : [NEW] double-tap a track to mute it.
  • STEPS : [NEW] steps can be added/removed when a track is mute.
  • STEPS : [UI] new background on for a clearer view.
  • STEPS : [UI] clearer steps on mute tracks.
  • STEPS : [UI] steps diodes light up during Link countdown.
  • STEPS : [NEW] muted tracks are maintained after quitting solo mode
  • DRUMS : [NEW] oscillators frequency can be set to discreet Note frequencies (Note Values) or continuous frequencies (Hz values).
  • DRUMS : [NEW] oscillator have their phase reset on note triggers.
  • DRUMS : [NEW] In Solo mode, double-tap a track to select it without making it solo.
  • PADS : [NEW] double-tap BEAT-REPEAT to hold repeat effect
  • MIXER : [NEW] aded colourful Solo buttons (when on) and faded mute tracks
  • SONG : [FIX] fixed DrumKit initialisation when a new song is created
  • FX : [FIX] delay is tempo-synced delay.
  • MIDI : [FIX] fixed bug when Link is Connected and DM2 has a MIDI Tempo Output selected.
  • MIDI : [FIX] fixed issue with Polymetric tracks with Notes Out to destinations.
  • MIDI : [FIX] fixed crash on Play with Tempo Out to destinations.
  • Tips screens added to STEPS, DRUMS and PADS page.

Video: Let’s Play with DM2 – Drum Machine

Video description:

“DM1 has been one of the most popular drum apps since 2011, and now we’ve got a sequel that differs greatly from the original! This one is synthesis-based instead of relying on samples!”

Video published by Tim Webb.

DM2 on the app store:

Video: DM2 drum synth

Video description:

“”Fabulous” !!! DM2 drum synth”

Video published by Pants of Death.

DM2 on the app store:

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