DJ Player Professional update is big, seriously big

DJ Player gets updated to 9.0.9, which is no small update at all. It’s pretty impressive. Here’s what’s new:

  • Numark MixTrack Platinum factory mapping, including full display support.
  • Plus/minus buttons can be used in Jump Preview Mode for precise adjustment.
  • New setting: invert the position of the plus and minus buttons.
  • Track overview waveform is continously visible when using SHIFT + MIDI Jog Wheel to search.
  • Gradient loop overlay on the waveform in loop adjustment mode (in/out).
  • STEM on/off state reflected on each STEM volume knob.
  • Mini Controls on Modern Layout: STEM knob has no label when muted.
  • Secondary MIDI output option for each mappable.
  • Mappable “Time Remaining” MIDI output.
  • Mappable “Beat Position” MIDI output.
  • SHIFT features displayed for each mappable.
  • Track load buttons are automatically switching deck visibility between A/C and B/D (but not changing MIDI controller deck state!).
  • Color coded A/B/C/D indicators on midi mapping. White: no output (LED) mapped or output is not available. Colored: output (LED) mapped. Colored with small circle: output (LED) mapped, but the output MIDI message is different to any input.
  • Fixed occasional MIDI LED delay when switching between deck A and C.
  • Fixed main parameter all fx, secondary parameter all fx and fader fx when used with encoders.
  • Fixed scratching/jog wheel bug when player is set to “jump back and play” and moved past the end of the track.

No small updates for DJ Player Professional with 9.0.8

DJ Player Professional has been going strong for a long time now, and with each update it gets better and better, and 9.0.8 is just the same. Here’s what’s new:

  • Gapless seeking and jumping (including hot cues and loops) for beat synced tracks.
  • SYNC is visible by default when looping, LOOP ADJ is available with SHIFT.
  • Small beat position indicators on FX pad for roll and gate.
  • Negative time support (scratching or moving beyond/before 0:00). Looping and hot cues are not possible before 0:00.
  • Onconnect Raw MIDI Data setting (max. 16 bytes). Use it to set initial layers or get the current position of all controls (some DJ controllers can send the current position of all controls with a special note or sysex message).
  • “VOL to 0 when a wired MIDI device connects” setting (off by default).
  • SHIFT + MIDI jog wheel is a wrap-around quick search feature.
  • Every MIDI mappable DVS TT features have LED output now.
  • Fixed audio artifact when high is at -100 db and moving other eq knobs.
  • Fixed wrong tempo when DVS is turned off on-the-fly while playing.
  • Fixed: “jump” missing when the grid pane is visible.

DJ Player Professional 9.0.7 packs a bit of a punch!

DJ Player has been around a long time now and keeps on delivering time after time. The latest update keeps up the tradition and packs a real punch:

  • Network Drive Support (NAS, shared drive, etc.) with WebDAV. Supports automatic discovery with Bonjour, anonymous HTTP, secure connection (HTTPS) and basic authentication.
  • Bluetooth LE MIDI support.
  • Lock SHIFT with double tap.
  • Removed mid-point click for GAIN for smooth changes. Double-tap on GAIN to return to 0.
  • Invert tempo knob on Modern Interface player setting.
  • Load Tracks on App Launch player setting.
  • Eject A/B/C/D player setting.
  • Track overview waveform is visible when using JUMP.
  • Track loading with MIDI browser + select controls (for controllers without load buttons).
  • Fixed bug for loop + SLIP.

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