Different Drummer 4.5 takes this advanced drum machine universal

This is always a good thing in my book. When apps that started on the iPad take themselves universal it opens up a whole new range of users who want to make music. I’m a big fan of universal, so it’s great to see Different Drummer take this route.

Here’s what’s new in version 4.5:

  • High functionality Universal iPhone support (not complete but includes Community, Zenterface (no purchase) and some cool Wave stuff)
  • Portrait mode supported on iPad Pro with good Split Screen support
  • Keeps Progression even if toggled off, no longer need to Commit to toggle progression.
  • 37 Drum Presets added to New Waves menu for starting point
  • Swing now works on 8th and 16th Grid Mode
  • Toggle swing per channel
  • Some sounds now 24 bit
  • Randomize and Reset Mix buttons added
  • Harmony styles added
  • Legend is now interactive
  • Bug fixes here and there


Video: Different Drummer Medley 4 4 1 (this is a long video)

Video description:

“Here’s a long video that runs through some more Zenterface, Zen Phaser and other stuff. Feel free to skip around as it can get a little tedious but hopefully you’ll learn something. I didn’t use MIDI or Link on this one but those are a lot of fun too.”

Video published by Different Drummer.

Different Drummer on the app store:


Different Drummer gets Link

Different Drummer is the next app to get the Link treatment. Also in this update …

  • Ableton Link added and also latest Audiobus
  • New features in Zenterface: Undo, ability to manipulate partials
  • Fixed MIDI Note Off on rest
  • Tempo multipliers
  • Minor UI improvements

Different Drummer on the app store:

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