Different Drummer 4.5 takes this advanced drum machine universal

This is always a good thing in my book. When apps that started on the iPad take themselves universal it opens up a whole new range of users who want to make music. I’m a big fan of universal, so it’s great to see Different Drummer take this route.

Here’s what’s new in version 4.5:

  • High functionality Universal iPhone support (not complete but includes Community, Zenterface (no purchase) and some cool Wave stuff)
  • Portrait mode supported on iPad Pro with good Split Screen support
  • Keeps Progression even if toggled off, no longer need to Commit to toggle progression.
  • 37 Drum Presets added to New Waves menu for starting point
  • Swing now works on 8th and 16th Grid Mode
  • Toggle swing per channel
  • Some sounds now 24 bit
  • Randomize and Reset Mix buttons added
  • Harmony styles added
  • Legend is now interactive
  • Bug fixes here and there

Video: Different Drummer Medley 4 4 1 (this is a long video)

Video description:

“Here’s a long video that runs through some more Zenterface, Zen Phaser and other stuff. Feel free to skip around as it can get a little tedious but hopefully you’ll learn something. I didn’t use MIDI or Link on this one but those are a lot of fun too.”

Video published by Different Drummer.

Different Drummer on the app store:

Video: Different Drummer 4.4 Medley

Video description:

“This runs through a few of the infinite possibilities of Different Drummer and also demonstrates a section with Ableton Link with Fugue Machine. Toward the end you can see the notification of approval from the app store that came in while recording…sort of funny.”

Video published by Different Drummer.

Different Drummer on the app store:

Different Drummer gets Link

Different Drummer is the next app to get the Link treatment. Also in this update …

  • Ableton Link added and also latest Audiobus
  • New features in Zenterface: Undo, ability to manipulate partials
  • Fixed MIDI Note Off on rest
  • Tempo multipliers
  • Minor UI improvements

Different Drummer on the app store:

And don’t forget to take a look at the ‘Apps Supporting Link‘ page for more apps which have Link.

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