Clawtar – Adaptive MIDI Controller 1.1 brings AB3 and more besides

Clawtar aims to be an interface that adapts to the player’s hand, which is a bold claim. In version 1.1 there’s some nice new features, including Audiobus. Here’s all of what’s new:


Clawtar is now can be used as an audio and MIDI input in Audiobus.


Clawtar now shows a piano keyboard at the bottom of the screen. On this keyboard you can see the currently selected range and the notes you play. You can not play on this keyboard. It is a view-only element. If you like, you can hide this keyboard by going to Settings>Show Piano Keyboard Guide and turning the switch off.


  • Calibration algorithm optimised. It now works much faster and smoother.
  • Settings menu was remade. It is now shown as a more regular dialog instead of a fullscreen view.
  • Minor UI improvements

Clawtar is on the app store for $3.99:

Video Clawtar Range Switching Thirds

Video description:

“It is a video from quick start quide”

Video published by Dmitry Klochkov.

Clawtar on the app store:

Clawtar adaptive MIDI controller has arrived


I was a little skeptical about this when I first heard about it, but on reflection I think it’s a pretty cool idea actually and I think it’ll be interesting to try out. Her are the details:

Clawtar is a musical instrument and MIDI controller with adaptive interface.

The biggest problem with all virtual musical instruments is the almost complete lack of tactile reference. You have to constantly control your performance with your eyes to make sure your fingers go to the right places. This aproach is not very good for two reasons. Firstly, vision is much slower than audio and tactile perceptions. Secondly, the process of continuous analysing of visual information is very resource intensive for your brain. As a result, it is very hard to feel relaxed and concentrate on the music during a performance.

So how can we solve this problem?

Instead of trying to adapt to an instrument we can make the instrument to adapt to the player!

Clawtar’s adaptive interface allows you to position your hands and fingers in the most natural and comfortable way. After choosing your position, you can play by moving only your fingers, with your hands completely relaxed. This approach minimizes the need of visual control, allows you to leverage your muscle memory, and gives your brain more time to think about the music you are playing.


  • Adaptive interface
  • Chromatic scale
  • 4+ octaves range (8+ with octave shift buttons)
  • Pitch-bend control
  • Modulation control
  • Volume control
  • Repeat button (allows to play same note multiple times faster)
  • Transposition (allows to change root note)
  • 9 built-in sounds.
  • Virtual MIDI and Wi-Fi MIDI output.


Clawtar on the app store: